Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Los Angeles City Council Calls For Constitutional Amendment To End Corporate Personhood – Join The Good Fight

While the political dunces in Washington (and state capitals) revel in their corporate cash hoard, while lobbyists spend untold billions bribing our government under the guise of corporate person’s free speech rights, while corporations spend untold billions buying off competition, job creation and democracy by bribing politicians, there is a growing movement in America.  That movement is to slam the door permanently on corporate personhood.   It is arguably the most important movement in our country’s history.  It is a movement to free all people of this country from corporate slavery and to empower democracy in its place.

As we have discussed before, the Supreme Court’s many cases supporting corporate personhood are at best politically-motivated and at worst, corrupt.   The President and Congress has the constitutional authority to check against the Supreme Court through Congressional or Whitehouse review of this issue.    Judicial Review of the constitutionality of any topic is not a right granted by our constitution.  It is a self-granted right of an overactive and illegitimate authority granted by the Supreme Court for itself long ago.  All three branches of our government have a right to constitutional review.   Our president and some members of Congress give lip service to being upset with the recent Supreme Court decision fully opening the corporate money spigot in politics but while no one else is looking, they are raising record corporate cash for their elections, their PACs and their own personal whorehouses.    Watch what they do and not what they say.  Words are meaningless to the endlessly manipulative political con man (and woman).  

If we end corporate personhood, the status quo would eventually collapse.  Corporation-induced illegitimate “free trade” agreements would collapse.  Wall Street’s domination over our economy would collapse.  Both political parties, being corporate persons, most likely would collapse.  Corporate power and lobbying would collapse.   The massively corrupt health care system would collapse.  The war machine would collapse.  The security state would collapse.  The industrial food monopoly would collapse.  Washington think tanks would collapse.  Political consultants and billions of dollars worth of useless money spent on elections would collapse.  Fascism would collapse.   The political whorehouse in Washington would collapse.  Money-driven election of otherwise unelectable political idiots would collapse. 

And who would win?  Democracy would win.  Local communities would win.  Your family would win.  Your friends would win.  You would win.  Those stricken by poverty and injustice would win.  Our sovereign nation would win.   Economic and political freedom would win.  In the wake of the corporate fascist state’s collapse would rise solutions for our country’s ills.  Likely a new monetary system.   A new health care system.  Economic markets that are based on merit and not on bribery would arise.  A less belligerent foreign policy would arise.  You would arise to have a better chance of becoming who you were meant to become. 

The search for truth would win over the endless desire of the bureaucrat to control the world around it would win. 

This movement has been passed in numerous cities across America.  Why not join Move to Amend and lead the effort in your local community to restore your freedom, your democracy and your economic rights.  Or start your own local movement.

Youtube video of LA City Council’s announcement.

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