Friday, December 02, 2011

The Negative Effects Of Antibiotics

I have linked to Mark’s site before.  He remains one of my favorite bloggers.  This is a very worthwhile read to consider some of the possibilities that are discussed. 

Let me provide a different perspective than we are given in the establishment community - every drug is in fact a toxin to the human body.   That means there are unintended consequences.   Most of those unintended consequences are unknown or downplayed.  Most of the long term consequences are never known or only found out long after it is too late.   Now, if I am terminally-ill, I’ll pop the pills that are recommended after doing some confirming diligence.  But we have untold millions of people with no terminal illness who are medicating the medication just to function day to day.  

Something is clearly wrong.   As the ultimate complex system, the human body has an amazing ability to govern, manage and even heal itself.   But, you don’t put dirty gas in a car and expect it to work.  In the U.S. our bodies are generally filled with nothing but dirty gas with endless toxins and industrial goo pawned off as food.  Antibiotics are used in epidemic quantities in both our food chain (farm animals) and in humans.  Does anyone see a problem?  Bueller? Bueller?  Anyone?   

There is a reason why humanity has been eating raw fermented foods for thousands of years.   Humanity recognized the value of doing so even before science understood the positive effects of billions of healthy bacteria and yeast cultures in foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut and natto.   Science is now starting to understand that many illnesses often start with an unhealthy gut.   Some even believe cancer and other terminal illnesses are a result of this dynamic.  Industrialized food and antibiotics contribute negatively to the health of our gut’s natural fauna.  Do yourself a favor and start making your own fermented foods!  Especially if you ever have to take antibiotics.

The invention of antibiotics are a great thing if you have gonorrhea or sepsis.   Not so much when they are overprescribed for sneezes and sniffles and to keep industrial farm animals alive because of the unhealthy gut fauna they have because of what we may be feeding them.   The epidemic use of antibiotics has both unintended consequences within our food supply and our own body.

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