Tuesday, November 22, 2011

After It All Collapses – A Poem

I won’t be blogging over the next handful of days with the holidays upon us.  But, given this is a holiday of thanks in the U.S., I thought it appropriate to share what I am grateful for.  The reality is we all have much to be grateful for.  If we are alive, we have been given the opportunity of a new day.  And this day can be the beginning of a better world.  For, if we first want to change the world, we must change our mind.   And today, we each have the ability to change our own mind to embrace a better world.  You may not be able to determine your own physical destiny but your emotional destiny is completely within your grasp.  In fact, it is your responsibility.

Yes, a fact of life is that the human condition involves endless suffering.  But, the human condition also has the ability to create endless beauty.  On this holiday, Paul reminds us of the better world that can become After It All Collapses

One thing that I am grateful for is the endless ability of self-expression every person is capable of in their own unique way.  Whether that is a unique gift of cooking, raising children, caring for others less fortunate, designing the next widget, finding a cure for a human illness, making people laugh or the endless ways our self-expression impacts each other’s lives.  No matter how simple or how complex, we can all contributes positively to the beautiful cycle of life.  All we need is the self-empowerment, courage and desire to make it so.  And, part of that self-empowerment is the rejection of authority and tyranny in favor of self-governance and democracy.   Authority and tyranny limits and even destroys our self-expression.  As Paul reminds us through his beautiful and completely unique self-expression, those who seek dominion over humanity always have and always will attempt to vanquish or enslave that beautiful self-expression and, therefore, destroy the natural order of progress of humanity through control and tyranny. 

“No borders they ask. Who rules? Gives order? …. We can all maintain order and live happily said a man with a smile.”   Change is guaranteed.  We should not fear it but instead embrace it.  For out of the ashes of failed authority, tyranny and control can re-emerge the ability of positive self-expression that will impact our economy, our society, our friends, our family, the natural world around us and all of humanity.  “Yet maybe together, right now and forever, we can all stand in this shoulder to shoulder.”

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