Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is Sugar Toxic?

There is absolutely no doubt about one thing.   The American diet today is horrible.  And, that contributes to substantial illness, both emotional and physical.  

It is interesting to read that scientists talk of being marginalized in their search for truth over the decades given self-interest and money always seem to trump the search for truth or the common good in a government and economic system corrupted by money.

Lustig is the type of researcher who obliterates the status quo with the search for truth and associated reason and science rather than the accumulated effect of dogma, junk science, ideology and tainted money.   In the video below he debunks the very commonly perpetrated myth that Americans are fat because we are lazy, gluttonous and other equally nonsensical notions;  myths based on nothing more than bullshit.  But, boy oh boy are we fat as a society. 

Title link here.

If you would rather listen directly to Robert Lustig rather than have a journalistic interpretation and some unscientific bias and likely fear of litigation by truth deniers, watch the Youtube video of Lustig here.

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