Monday, November 07, 2011

Biggest Public Firms Paid Little U.S. Tax, Study Says

Anyone who has said one solution to this environment is lowering taxes on the largest corporations in America is either a shill for fascism or is unwittingly playing the role of useful idiot for their corporate masters.  

We have hammered on this repeatedly.  Cutting taxes for major corporations is simply more of the neoliberal race to the bottom of the barrel that dismantles society’s rule of law. 

We have noted the fact that corporations pay well below the published rate when I mentioned there is a data service I used to subscribe to that showed the tax rates for the top 500 public firms in the U.S. being less than half of the published and claimed rate.  Corporations need to pay their fair share.  And, right now, were the rule of law actually being enforced, that is trillions less than they are paying.   

The Super Committee in Congress seeking to find cuts in our budget including Social Security, are only having to do so because corporations and lobbyists own our government and are unwilling to abide by the rule of law set out by democracy.  But, rather they are seeking to subvert it.

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