Monday, October 31, 2011

Rachel Maddow - Wall Street’s Path Of Economic Destruction

With all of the posts on here, I still can't even begin to express in words how corrupt Wall Street truly is.   And how corrupt it has been.  Forever.  The overt corruption really gained traction starting with Reagan’s presidency.  But, for-profit banking is and always will be diametrically-opposed to a merit-based, democratic economic model.  If I actually believed the world was in the midst of a religious end-of-times like  the 2012’ers, I would have no problems believing that Wall Street was indeed the work of a great evil force as part of that dynamic.  Haha.  I laugh nervously not humorously.  The kind of laugh where we do so in tense situations in an attempt to help relieve our anxiety.   There is nothing funny about Wall Street.  Wall Street is a criminal racket.  It serves no purpose for democracy or human development or a democratic capitalist system.  Private banking serves the very few who endlessly manipulate it for their private gains.

Truly the most sociopathic, evil, power-mad people in America gravitate to Wall Street.  It’s like a magnet for the most unstable who dream of power, control and a decadence sought only by an unstable self-image. 

Since many kooks tell us our president is apparently Muslim, I wish he would encourage Sharia law as it pertains to for-profit banking.  All joking aside, as I have said on here before, every attempt at virtuous and democratic civilizations in history, except the modern-day predatory America, has put limits on bank usury or even banned it completely as Sharia law has. 

Other than the documentary Inside Job, this may be one of the best documentary-type video overviews of the endless evil, fraud and systemic incompetence that is Wall Street. 

Over the years I have said on here that we are going through a substantial awakening in our country.  And, that I actually think we will take down Wall Street forever.   This won’t be an event.  It will be an awakening process.  And, the process has already begun. 

We need a public banking system.  I have had a few friends who read my blog remark that they don’t want a banking system controlled by politicians.   Clarification.  I said public banking system.  Not a politician-run banking system. 

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