Thursday, October 27, 2011

Former Washington Republican, Now Ohio Governor, Seeks To Enforce Drug Testing For Unemployment Benefits

It was just a little over a month ago that we took a few shots at Orrin Hatch, one of my favorite neoliberals in Congress, for proposing the unemployed are drug tested before receiving benefits.  Of course, we all know most unemployed people are crack heads and losers.  How do I know this?  Well, because now Ohio governor and former Washington Republican (and former crony of Orrin Hatch) is proposing the same idea.   More of the police state’s war on drugs…. and war on liberty.   Isn’t life rich.

The United States Constitution guarantees both property and privacy rights.   It is arguable that property was the primary issue at the founding of our country.  With the rise of the police state, privacy is the new property.  In other words, big brother isn’t concerned about taking your property, he has done that frequently and often without due cause and due process for a long time.  He’s now interested in taking your liberty.  You are the enemy of the state. 

I don’t think Ohio Governor Kasich has ever had a real job in his life.  He has lived on the taxpayer dole since he came of employment age.  Well, except for the crony job Lehman got him in between his welfare stints of living on the taxpayer dole.

I would be all for drug testing but the first person who needs to take the test is the most egregious user of the welfare system.  That is, Ohio Governor Kasich.  Mr. Kasich has cost our society endless sums of money through his life time tenure as a career politician.  And, I think he should take the test before signing every piece of legislation or proposing any changes to government.  You know, we don’t need any of that drug-induced political stupor tainting the efficacy of public office. 

One more thing.  Since Kasich is randomly throwing out unconstitutional notions of the whims of man,  I have a few of my own.  I think Kasich should take a lie detector test for his involvement in the collapse of Ohio public pension assets under Lehman.  And how about a little bit of that Patriot Act wiretapping for any phone conversations Kasich might have with political donors or lobbyists?  And, let’s just round out the testing and ask both Kasich and Orrin Hatch to both take an annual Rorschach test.    Since they have both been on public welfare their whole lives, we don’t actually know if they are capable of actually holding down a real job.   Are they actually mentally-competent to be in public office?   I don’t see a lot of supporting evidence that they are.  But that is just my opinion.  You know, like Kasich’s opinions of what unconstitutional ideas he may muster.   My whims are just as valid as his.  Maybe more so.  Since mine are all based on reason.

Liberty?  Pshaw!  If we are going to keep taking more of it away, the first to be subjected to its abandonment are the politicians who shit all over our liberties and constitutional rights by taking it away. 

Neoliberals like Kasich and Hatch have an endless stream of bureaucratic ideas, most often batty, nonsensical or even unconstitutional, to impose their will and beliefs upon the rest of us in some Orwellian attempt to create their view of a better world.  How’s that working out for you? 

If you want to fix the economy and the drug issues in the United States, get politicians out of the economy and out of our lives.  Do that by restoring democratic economics and democracy in government.   That means reigning in political dimwits and their endless neoliberal nonsense; often nonsense driven by a for-profit or for-sale government.

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