Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World Power Swings Back To America

There are no jumping on bandwagon conclusions, group-think analysis or plagiarism on here.   Most of our positions are very unique.  One of those positions we have written ad nauseam over the last six years is that the United States will lead the world out of this crisis and dominate the global economy unlike at any time in the last fifty years.  Now, I’m not ready to go into the detail of that analysis but if you tie together out countless posts over the last six years, you should be able to gain some understanding of what is behind it. 

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is now taking a first stab at writing what we have said for years.    I like Pritchard a lot as a journalist although I think his article and analysis are very simple-minded and rely too much on a repositioning of the status quo.  I  don’t agree with the people cited in the article and there is ample evidence that the future will look nothing like the past.  There is well too much continuation of neoliberalism, comparative advantage (race to the bottom) and rear view mirror analysis in the sources cited by Pritchard.   

I think Pritchard, as a non-American may be well too distanced from the massive corruption and fraud that exists within our political system;  forces that defeat democracy and democratic economics.   That leads to an oversimplification of his analysis into something very trite; not typically a hallmark of his ability.  

The reality is we are at a major turning point for our nation.  I am quite confident history will judge this as the largest turning point in our nation’s history.  We have yet to experience our moment(s) that will start to redefine our future.   We are still experiencing moments that define our past.  But, of one thing I am certain, those moments are most definitely coming.   And as a result of those moments, democracy that has been dying a slow death for decades, will again start to bloom. (already happening)  And as a part of that, it is quite plausible that the military hegemony we see today will too be defeated by the American people, for as we have said before, empire is incompatible with democracy.     

If global politicians and authority around the world don’t first blow us all up,  I think the next century has the potential to be the democratic century.   Centers of power everywhere will do everything they can to consolidate their gains but the collective consciousness of the world is awakening to basic human dignities that should define every human existence.   As we have written numerous times over the years, these two forces must eventually play themselves out.  The good news is the technology now exists for these ideals to spread like wildfire and for authority everywhere to be sacked, hopefully peacefully, and replaced with democracy. 

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