Monday, October 31, 2011

House Speaker Says No More Defense Cuts ---->>>> Cut Social Security, Aid to Handicapped Children And Unemployment Benefits

As we have cited and it generally understood by anyone using some modicum of their brain cycles, the U.S. spends more than double the rest of the world combined on defense.  If you add in the NRC that overseas substantial military spending, the State Department, off balance sheet spending and whatever potentially-hidden money printing goes on to support the war state, some well-reasoned accounts put our military spending even well beyond that.   Our economy is comprised of financial gambling and bombing or extorting anyone who disagrees with our vision of hegemony and global serfdom to Washington.   If we cut spending in this area, then the corporate welfare state looses its ability to exploit the rest of the world.  That includes many poverty-stricken countries where massively corrupt regimes are propped up by the United States while its people suffer basic human indignation.  Sound familiar?  One of those nations is the United States itself. 

Guns or butter?  Social Security or more Homeland Security spying contracts for security contractors?  Unemployment benefits or more bombing campaigns and military training in Yemen?

All of this creates a corrupt loop of self-reinforcement.  Military and security contractors are awarded bloated contracts then said firms turn around and spend taxpayer-funded profits from bloated contracts to lobby the state for more contracts.  Life is rich in Washington, D.C. 

Change you can believe in. 

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