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The Mainstream Press Is Now Starting To Mock The G-20 - “The G-20: The Committee to Not Save the World”

Back in 2009 when the Gang of 20 or G-20 started meeting to contain this crisis, we mocked the mainstream press for leaning on every word of world leaders in some anticipation they were actually going to stop this crisis.  We contrarily said these clowns weren’t going to save anything.   They are making the mess worse that they actually created.   

A funny thing happens during the enlightenment process every human being is destined to experience to some degree at some time or another in their life.  That is, previously held beliefs and/or commonly held perspectives of authority start to crumble.  And as that process happens,  one stops listening to the voices in their head that once convinced them of their prior delusions and beliefs.   Just a little over two years later the world is now saying, ‘look at me now’.   The voices of belief in people’s minds  are now starting to be met with internal skepticism.  

We grant public servants deference to the primacy of our authority over them so that they may focus on administering our nation while we go about the duty of paying their salaries.  The G-20 can’t fix anything.  Only true leadership can fix anything.  True leadership understand economic and political authority must be returned to the people.  Only the labor, creativity and industriousness of a free society can save G-20 politicians from the hell they have created

The  Atlantic article titled The G-20: The Committee to Not Save the World is mocking the writings of Robert Hormats back in 2010 titled The Committee to Save the World? The G-20 and the Future of Global Economic Governance.  Hormats is the the United States Under Secretary for under the table corruption and fittingly he is the former vice chairman of …….  that’s right – Goldman Sachs.  And before that, amongst other noted political positions, he was a senior advisor to the alleged war criminal Henry Kissinger.  You know, like current Treasury Secretary Geithner.  Hormats is a life-long bureaucrat who exemplifies the revolving door between corporations and the state that we call fascism

Hormats understanding of economics could be easily rolled by any junior high school student who spent a week perusing the internet for a class paper on economics.  But what he is good at is using his contacts (cronysim) to push America’s hegemony that we affectionately call free trade, globalization and the G-20.   And these policies come right out of the criminal class on Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs.

Hormats is no different than the other corner office power-mad toadies out of Goldman Sachs who became government bureaucrats like Hank Paulson and John Corzine.  Both of those men came close to blowing up Goldman Sachs – Corzine in the early 90s and Paulson just recently.   Hormats and his ideology has helped blow up the world and in the process may actually have created an environment that blows up Goldman Sachs.  

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