Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Supreme Court Injustices Scalia and Thomas Dine With Healthcare Law Challengers

Justices are exempt the Code of Conduct that governs lower court justices.  Hahahaha.  The Corporate Supreme Court is just as tainted as our Congress and the White House.  And why wouldn’t it be?  A tainted White House nominates and a tainted Congress approves our Supreme Court.

Thomas should already have recused himself from this case given the massive and unreported conflict of interest in nearly $1 million his wife received surrounding this case.  Actually I believe there is ample reason to conclude Clarence Thomas should be permanently removed from the bench.  Scalia should explain his activities or recuse himself as well.    Actually, let’s recuse them all and pick a new Supreme Court after all of Congress recuses itself permanently, we make political parties (corporations) illegal, we elect a new Congress with publicly-funded elections and we overturn corporate personhood and the cesspool of lobbyist corruption. 

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