Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here Comes The Industrial Farming Bust

For many years I have been remarking that we are going to see a farming bust when the massive financial bubble pops.  This is contrary to the position held by those in the financial industry and hedge funds who have been speculating not only in food commodities but farm land and the industrial food complex.  Isn’t it ridiculous to listen to financial advisors and Wall Street hooligans talk about endless topics they clearly know nothing about only to see their endless incompetence eventually be exposed through bad bets?    Those making large bets in the industrial food complex will be severely and mercilessly punished for once again speculating in markets they clearly do not understand.   Markets they should be legally forbidden from speculating in.  Banks deposits are government-guaranteed as a safe haven for society’s money not for Ponzi schemes and gambling. 

Some of the automatons at the Federal Reserve seem to be finally wondering the same thing.  Farm land prices are rising at an alarming rate.  Up 25% year over year and 7% alone this past quarter.   We are seeing massive speculation in assets pursued by the financial industry and the investor class and prices are exploding higher.   All while assets not pursued by the financial industry are imploding in value.  That includes the American worker that is imploding in value.  For now.  This dynamic is not inflation.  It is a result of the financialization we have talked about for the last six years.  It is a result of the biggest financial bubble in the history of the world.  This shall pass when the financial bubble is pricked again.  Just as it passed back in 2008 when all financially-speculative assets imploded in value.   

A lot of the same kind of dynamics that led to massive numbers of farming busts thirty years ago are developing again today.  Except unlike thirty years ago when it was the family farm, today it is the corporate farm headed for disaster.   That bust thirty years ago cleared the way for the start of the corporate takeover of the family farm and the consolidation of the fascist industrial food monopoly in the United States.  The industrial farming community is dominated by financial interests, corporations and associated government welfare programs.  The family farm is generally a myth as the fascist state has consolidated its authority into our food supply.   And now we suffer the ills of its low-grade and often toxic outcomes. 

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