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Lobbyists Advise Wall Street On Occupy Wall Street – When Will The Lobbyist Bubble Pop?

The Huffington Post has a story they lifted from MSNBC that is quite interesting.   One of the top lobbyist firms in Washington is warning Wall Street about the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Although, being in the bubble, I think this lobbyist firm has it completely backward.  It isn’t that Wall Street should fear politicians turning against them as this firm remarks.  It is that in the next five to ten years, we will get a constitutional amendment banning corporate personhood once and for all.  And more than likely see reforms enforcing publicly-funded elections.  It is a substantial focus of thousands of people including myself and the perfect storm is building to get it passed.   We will not be denied an enforcement of our constitutional rights under the rule of law.  And that means the party in Washington and on Wall Street is over.  Forever.   And forever is a long time. 

The Tea Party started as a grass roots effort that was based in a fundamental truth.  But, it has been taken over by nutjobs.  Anger is a good thing.  But it must be transformed and channeled into constructive and positive outcomes.  The Tea Party has morphed into a party of hate and exclusion.  

There has never been a successful movement in the history of humankind that resulted in progress or constructive social change that was based on anger, fear or hate.  Constructive social movements always come about by those seeking hope for a better world.   Not that we haven’t seen a few diversions along the way like in France where elitist gluttony and arrogance were rewarded with public executions.  But, that was the mob seeking vigilante justice rather than any reasoned, rule of law effort at transformational change.  Occupy Wall Street is on the right side of history.  There may be some who are anarchists or who wish to incite any type of chaos but that is surely not the preponderance of people.  Now it appears to be spreading to universities.  Sound familiar?  (By the way, the status quo’s attempt of enforcement of control and authority on this movement will fail.  It will only expose its thinly veiled desire of subverting truth & justice and embolden greater resistance in the process.  We, in fact, wrote this before any of the world started falling apart.  That as volatility revealed itself, eventually people around the world would become empowered by acts seeking virtue over tyranny.)

If you click through the MSNBC storey on the Huffington Post to this lobbyist firm’s web site, you’ll note that one of the top news announcements on their site is that John Boehner’s policy aide is going to work for this firm.   How special.  This is exactly what Jack Abramoff talked about on Sixty Minutes.  ie, How he bought legislation and professed to control nearly 100 Republican Congresspersons. 

You’ll also note the rolling messages on their site brag about their connections and that they know how to get things done in Congress.  For their clients, that is.   “Getting things done” that is void of merit but instead based on one’s Rolodex is cronyism.   It is using control to subvert the search for truth.   The lawyer bubble of Washington lobbyists is headed for a very hard landing as we have noted numerous times over the last six years.   Let them eat cake?  As we have said before, those in a state of self-delusion never see their gig is about to end. 

These firms on K Street house what are truly some of the most wretched people in our society.   To state that most are megalomaniacal or some equally disturbed state of self is most assuredly accurate in almost any case.  If they actually had to witness and take responsibility for the outcomes to their efforts, their minds would most likely self-destruct on some level.   In other words, if they had to witness and take responsibility for the poverty they create, the terminally-ill lying in a hospital bed without health insurance, the suicides caused by pain and suffering, etc.  Their manufactured self-image clearly does not represent a reality.  They have deluded themselves into believing they are doing God’s work; something only a megalomaniac could actually believe.  Jack Abramoff pointed that out in his interview.   As I highlighted in my last major post, sometimes the mind must lose everything to find itself.  I am highly confident that macro factors are aligning to ensure the lobbyist bubble collapses.   Their power is based on the mind’s illusory belief of control.  And that illusion is going to disappear and that means the control they exert is going to disappear with it.

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Psychopaths are characterized by an absence of empathy and poor impulse control, with a total lack of conscience. About 1% of the total population can be defined as psychopaths, according to a detailed psychological profile checklist. They tend to be egocentric, callous, manipulative, deceptive, superficial, irresponsible and parasitic, even predatory. (lobbying?) The majority of psychopaths are not violent and many do very well in jobs where their personality traits are advantageous and their social tendencies tolerated.

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