Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Damning Evidence Over The Politicization Of Global Warming?

Anthropogenic global warming is driven by politics.  Many substantial names in science have acknowledged this fact.  Those in science who are self-interested and driven by their own ego’s desires are pliant tools for the politicization of global warming as a man-made phenomena.  In other words, they have a personal stake in their own politicization and manipulation of reality. 

Doesn’t it seem unusual to anyone that the anthropogenic global warming soothsayers are  primarily political in nature?  When you have political figures like Arianna Huffington or Al Gore as a lead advocate for anthropogenic global warming, your movement’s authenticity needs to be questioned.  Huffington and Gore know about as much about the science as I know about what they had for breakfast.   The standard response from politicians and ideologues like Huffington and Gore is that the scientific community is in agreement and there is no debate.  This is a standard tactic used by manipulators to marginalize dissent.   This is loosely a form of manipulation known as triangling and resultant victimizaton learned as children and often perpetrated in dysfunctional minds.   Triangling and associated projection is used to reduce tension between two parties by drawing a third party into the dynamic.  And, by the way, drawing that person into the dynamic in some attempt to manipulate or control the other person.   Is citing controversial research to support a position you cannot defend really any different than a child telling his sibling that “mom said you have to…”?  That the keepers of the anthropogenic warming faith pull in junk science when confronted by those who have legitimate questions about the source of climate volatility is a petty attempt at controlling a topic they really do not understand and cannot defend.  

This really comes down to the fact that people are really good at repeating things but not very good at explaining them.  So, as is a consistent theme on here, most of what we hear throughout our life is nothing more than endless bullshit or hearsay.  This topic is no different.   Huffington, Gore and other similar political personalities can’t explain in any detail the science they refer to.   Triangling or other attempts to marginalize dissenting views are nothing more than an attempt at manipulating and marginalizing against issues they cannot defend otherwise.  This, and other forms of deception, are common practice in politics.   

When science can explain why other planets and moons in our solar system are experiencing substantial warming, and their ice caps are melting, and why they are experiencing an uptick in the intensity of atmospheric storms and science can dissociate these events from what is happening on earth, then I will give their religious fervor of human caused-global warming at least a modicum of intelligent and reasoned thought.   Until then, proceed to the nearest exit or continue talking to the hand. 

Now, there is a real issue with pollution in our world.  We manufacture untold numbers of toxic manmade substances and apply them to our bodies, put them into our homes & places of work in the form of products & building materials, ingest them in our foods, dump them on our fields growing our foods and then we dump these materials as waste in our oceans, our water aquifers, our communities and the world around us.  Then, we  start the process all over again.   We are living in a dystopian world that is starting to look more and more like Soylent Green.  

Why are we worrying so much about global warming and seemingly not at all about the exposure to endless toxins causing untold disease and illness?  Most likely because corporations and self-interested economic entities can mint a fortune with new economic global-warming Ponzi schemes.   Well, and because the health care system is focused on the profit motive of cures rather than prevention.  No one in for-profit medical research can make any money by telling us that sugar is processed by the body as a poison.  Instead, there is astronomical money to be made by putting people on a diabetes drug regimen.  All of these schemes are enabled by a pliant, willing and corrupt government on the take.  There is no profit to be had by cleaning up the toxic world around us or by enforcing clean air, water or land laws.   Contrarily, doing so only reduces the amount of money available to fund the political whorehouse in Washington.  So, as we put up in yesterday’s posts, endlessly idiotic and corrupt politicians want to ban the EPA rather than ban any pollution created by the fascist state.

I have to laugh at the conspiracy theorists who believe some cleansing of humanity is actually planned by a group of global elites.  Or that the chaos we see around the world is somehow planned.  The people running major corporations and politicians (bureaucrats) are generally some of the most idiotic minds on earth.   All you have to do is sit back and take in the freak show to see how endlessly and systemically incompetent they really are. 

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