Monday, November 28, 2011

The Political Assault On Government Continues. This Time Against The EPA.

As we have remarked before, both political parties in the U.S. are massively corrupt.  Every time someone starts to make an honest statement about the state of corporate power in Washington, the Republican Party starts its fascist attack that that person is anti-business and businesses create jobs.  Then Democrats like President Obama, like the corporate toady he is, can’t wait to run out and profess they are pro-business too.  Gotta keep the funnel of corporate money rolling into politics.   Never expect a politician to exhibit signs of leadership regardless of party affiliation.

On here, we are pro-working markets which is the antithesis of pro-business.  Pro-markets creates jobs as opposed to pro-business that kills jobs.  Pro-markets forces market participants to compete for American labor as opposed to pro-business that kills job creation and destroys living wages.  Pro-markets embraces merit to compete for better ideas and better solutions to our democracy’s issues as opposed to pro-business that kills innovation and democratic solutions to issues that face our nation and our citizens.  Pro-markets embraces an economy where citizens with a valid business idea or desire for economic-self determination can monetize their idea by gaining access to society’s capital and thus compete and win against any economic entity regardless of how large or small.  Pro-business squashes competition, citizen economics, entrepreneurship and labor.   Pro-markets is anti-government red tape and meddling that destroys working markets while pro-business is to create red tape and market meddling that stifles job creation, innovation and a vibrant economy in favor of corporate fascism.

Now we have mental midgets and ideological preachers like Rand Paul, who paradoxically and hilariously made his living as a doctor by accepting government medical payments, proposing that we rid ourselves of the EPA using some drivel based on his ideological nonsense.  As we have said numerous times, you can’t fix the government by electing people who hate it.  And you can’t have a reasoned, fact-based discourse on how to fix the economy when you elect people incapable of reason or deluded by their own grab for power in lieu of it. 

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