Monday, December 05, 2011

60 Minutes Shames Justice Department Over Wall Street Corruption

Amazingly, 60 Minutes has been on a roll lately as we have highlighted with the Abramoff expose, the Congressional Insider Trading corruption and now the expose of a captured government refusing to prosecute Wall Street fraud. 

The party is over for all of this as we have remarked countless times.  That Wall Street, lobbyists and political toadies continue to thumb their fingers at the rest of us is irrelevant.  It’s simply a sign of their delusional egos believing in their own invincibility.  Those in a bubble seldom realize it until it actually pops.  Once the illegitimacy and corruption of our political system was exposed, there is absolutely no way society will continue to support this system. 

Change you can believe in is imminent.  It just isn’t going to be courtesy of a marketing slogan perpetuated by Barack Obama’s handlers. 

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