Monday, December 12, 2011

EPA Finally Ties Fracking To Water Contamination

Ya think?

We highlighted the documentary Gas Land on here some time ago.  I would highly recommend this horrifying exposé.  Amongst other incredible revelations is how the government exempted energy executives from criminal prosecution under existing laws; a criminal act in itself.  No wonder the Republicans want to end the EPA.  

It seems every few days I see some corporate advertising propaganda on television telling me how safe it is to dump millions of pounds of poisonous chemicals into the ground (fracking) and that it doesn’t affect the safety of our water table.   Only a dumbass of unbelievable proportions would believe such blatant bullshit.  In other words, the propaganda machine requires the consumption of such unbelievable nonsense to perpetuate itself that it no longer works.  George Orwell would be proud. 

ProPublica’s story here.

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