Saturday, December 10, 2011

The New Curiosity Mars Rover

One more post since we are on the topic over the last few days.  This is just a really excellent piece on the new Mars rover, Curiosity, that was just launched.  The advances from what was learned in prior missions is really quite astounding and exciting.

I am a huge proponent of the NASA civilian space program.  Unfortunately, NASA’s mission has become highly politicized in recent times and its tiny budget appears headed for funding cuts given many political idiots think the “free market” should drive our space program.  ie. Corporations.  Corporations that would obviously get their funding from our government but be driven by a profit motive rather than a motive of the search for knowledge and truth for all of humankind.  But we have plenty of money for a military space program, to bomb the world into submission and unconstitutionally spy on Americans, often with space technology. 

I am a proponent of a manned mission to Mars that would be led by NASA.   Those who say we don’t have the money are ridiculously uninformed about what money is.  We have plenty of money for a manned mission to Mars.  Just as we have plenty of money to rebuild our country and restore our economic sovereignty to We The People.  And, a manned Mars program would spur massive innovation with benefits across the entire spectrum of technology benefiting society as did the Apollo program.

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