Tuesday, December 13, 2011

United Nations Tries To Enforce Climate Court As Talks Implode

The United Nations has become a rogue organization of unelected bureaucrats trying to legislate beyond their authority and beyond national sovereignty.  Just as has the EU’s unelected bureaucracy, the Federal Reserve’s unelected bureaucracy and the unelected bureaucracy of the lobbyist engine subverting our sovereignty in the United States.

In a massive power grab, U.N. bureaucrats attempted to float the idea of a climate court where the United States would be a primary offender.  Under this court the United States would be required to pay billions of dollars of climate reparations to other countries if it did not meet goals set beyond the sovereignty of the United States.  Well….  how’s that working out for you?   Climate talks essentially imploded.   Bureaucrats are attempting to hail the latest talks as a success with some nonspecific agreements but they have essentially collapsed.  In fact, Canada just followed the U.S. and dumped the Kyoto Protocol and other major countries, including China, have pushed back on any specific agreements.  In other words, the only outcome to these talks is essentially a lot of talk about talking about future talk.   

There are two issues at hand here.  One is pollution and the other is climate change.  The U.N. and many bureaucrats pushing for these agreements are co-mingling the two yet one has nothing to do with the other.   Instead, it has become an ideological issue for bureaucrats who have no appreciation for constitutional law or constitutional freedoms.   The United States and other sovereign countries are responsible for their own pollution laws.   What the United States could do is tell any nation that wants to trade with us that they would be responsible for enacting certain pollution laws or we wouldn’t trade with them.  As a sovereign nation, we have that legal right. 

The United Nations is useful in allowing nations to communicate and possibly find understanding on open issues but it is not and should not be attempting to subvert national sovereignty.  When all members of the U.N. adopt the United States Constitution, then I might be open to considering a new possibility.  Until then, most of its members are massively more corrupt than the United States.  In fact, the United States foots a disproportionate amount of the bill for the United Nations

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