Thursday, September 13, 2012

IMF Says Greece Will Need Another Bailout On Top Of Previous Bailouts On Top Of ECB’s Just Announced Bailouts. More Debt And Austerity To Solve Problems Of Too Much Debt And Austerity.

I nearly soil myself with amusement every day I read the headlines.  There is some new comedy every single day.   Politicians, corporate thugs, private for-profit banking looters and the elite investor class are all truly criminals.  I laugh my ass off when people say that Greeks lived beyond their means and need to institute austerity and accept more debt.   That is a criminal statement of people who should be tried for crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. 

As noted before, Greece needs to kick out the IMF thugs, foreign banking thugs, ECB thugs and eurozone thugs, default on its foreign debt (or demand massive haircuts from the investor class looters) and institute a public banking/money system under the sovereignty of Greek democracy.  The only reason they haven’t is because of corruption.  I’ve got some tasty posts yet to put about about Europe.   They will shock most readers.  And I do mean shock.  Because most people have nothing to go on other than the corporate-manufactured lies and bullshit we are all fed. 

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