Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Market Sits On Pins And Needles. Will We Get Quantitative Easing 3.0? Meh.

In an hour or so, we get the Fed’s update announcement on monetary policy.   Will “the market” get what it wants?  Hahaha.  Yawn.  Who really cares is what I want to know?  Only the criminals who have been bailed out by Bernanke again and again.   In 2007 when all of these hacks were writing that the Federal Reserve was going to save the economy and 99.9% of economists were bullish, I mocked this concept that the Federal Reserve was going to save the economy. 

This crisis was not created by the Federal Reserve.  It can’t be fixed by the Federal Reserve.   I know that irks people who hate the Federal Reserve but the facts are the facts.  The Federal Reserve has simply been an enabler of political-corporate fascist corruption, the destruction of the rule of law and the destruction of democracy and democratic economic determinism.    It was the Republican and Democratic Parties that created this mess. 

Don’t listen to opinions of economics dunces, political con men or Wall Street carnival barkers to figure out if the Federal Reserve is fixing the economy.  I have one simple measurement that you can always use when you are wondering if monetary policy is fixing this crisis or anything else for that matter - is the Fed’s quantitative easing helping these citizens?   To varying degrees half of Americans or more are in some way reflective of this reality.   Maybe not quite this bad  in many instances but don’t kid yourself that this is an uncommon occurrence.  If you think it is, your head is too far up your ass and you haven’t been in the real world.  You are consumed by political propaganda by party con men. 

There are thousands upon thousands of communities and neighborhoods like this.   That includes nearly every community surrounding the area where I grew up.   Communities that were once vibrant and healthy.  Is quantitative easing as it is currently designed helping these Americans?   Do these citizens care what Bernanke does today?  

Only people in the bubble care about what Bernanke does.  The biggest bubble the world has ever seen.   More of that change you can believe in.  Yes we can!

UPDATE:  Bernanke caves to the criminals who push a computer button to send assets higher.  Not because they are worth more but because they can.  Bernanke is simply making the bubble larger.

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