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Update On The Peak Bubble In Crazy - Max Keiser Calls Ludwig von Mises Institute And Ayn Rand Worshippers Freaks Pushing Wall Street Market-Fundamentalism Ideology

I have written numerous times over the last half dozen years that there is a very radical element of Ludwig von Mises fanatics whose economic ideology would send our economy off of a cliff.   This is the same ideology that was accepted in 1929.  That is, free market fundamentalism.  That is why government sat back and watched the entire system collapse in 1929 and beyond.  They believed that letting the system collapse would wash out bad investment so we would see a faster recovery.  They let everything collapse.  Ben Bernanke is truly a saint comparatively. 

Corruption in Washington was rampant and systemic in 1929 just as it has been for the last thirty-odd years.  Politicians were then, just as now, beholden to Wall Street’s radical economic fundamentalist religion.  Quite frankly, since the industrial revolution and the rise of mega corporations, bribery and fascism has always been part of our economic and political system.  How the hell do you think the robber barons were created?  By free market fundamentalism enabled through political corruption.  Politicians either allow or enable everything that happens in our nation.  Slavery, exploitation, indentured servitude, child labor, union busting, genetically-modified foods, a pill-popping pharma culture, the destruction of a living wage, endless deaths because people are denied access to healthcare, the rise of corporate profits over people or countless other injustices.    

Max Keiser finally exposes that this Wall Street free market fundamentalism is the same religion espoused by the Mises Institute.  Wall Street’s fundamentalist religion is no different than the fundamentalist lunatics that have hijack certain sects of religion around the globe be they Muslim, Christian, fanatical and cultish variations of either or whatnot.   And, the same fundamentalist religion that drives both pro-business corporatist political parties.   All of these outcomes are representative of a system granting undue authority to to those seeking power, control and authority over others to ameliorate their own inner demons.    That’s what fundamentalism is.  It’s the rule of man or the manifested self gaining authority over the rule of law.  It doesn’t matter if it manifests itself through religion, politics or capitalism.   They are all hierarchical bureaucracies that are easily manipulated by the manifested self.  And, when the rule of man replaces the rule of law, the power-mad are granted undue authority to use others as pawns to satiate their disconnectedness from their humanity. 

As I have noted on here before, the rise of these factors is directly tied to the deregulation of capitalism and the subsequent tie-in to the destruction of the rule of law.  Additionally, and very similarly to the deregulation of capital is essentially the deregulation of religion in politics.  When Ronald Reagan embraced the religious right and brought them into the Republican Party, he provided the foundation for the rise of religious fanatics within a codified hierarchical governing bureaucracy to violently accost the rule of law.   Because politicians controlled the rule of law and, when they politicized religion and raised it to the level of granting it political power within a codified bureaucratic political structure, political whoremongers were then in a position where they could and would sell out the rule of law to religious fanatics or the rule of man.  Just as they sold out our economic rule of law to economic fundamentalist fanatics.  The rise of religious fanaticism goes hand in hand with the rise of deregulated capitalism.  Ronald Reagan was the godfather of the destruction of the United States. 

Reagan’s demagogy of religion for selfish political gain, rather than embracing the rule of law and selflessness in what was best for a democratic nation, has effectively granted a hierarchical religious bureaucracy the standing of having a political party in the United States.  Thus, religious hierarchy became a desirable institution of the manifested self or ego to project power over others.  And, to do so politically.   This is the exact same dynamic as that which exists on Wall Street.  Once the power structure of religious fundamentalism became codified through their political affiliation, those who seek illegitimate authority over other human beings then were drawn to become religious authority figures.   It’s exactly what happens on Wall Street.  Hierachical bureaucracies of the manifested self or ego draw power-mad predators and those with the most unstable perceptions of self. 

This dynamic has created a pseudo-theocracy in this nation.   A theocracy and a reasoned, compassionate, science-based rule of law are mutually exclusive.  Spirituality and religion are inner journeys that are manifestations of our inner divinity.  They are not to be manifested as manmade hierarchical institutions of the self or institutions of the ego to outwardly manipulate spirituality or divinity.  This is a false journey or a false god that encourages people to  outsource their inner spiritual journey to some authoritarian self-driven manipulator or predator. 

As I noted in my post early this year that 2012 wouldn’t likely be the end of the world because we had seen that in 2008.  That world is over.  We are never going back.  But instead I wrote that 2012 would be the peak bubble of crazy.  I noted how these dynamics of the rise of man through the destruction of the rule of law were what Germany looked like after World War I.   In Germany there were endless charlatans, soothsayers, religious fanatics, the military-industrial complex and corporate leaders all fighting for control in a system where the rule of law had been destroyed and replaced by the rule of man.  The easiest way to spot this dynamic is that in a rule of man everyone is on the take.  Law and control are for sale to anyone willing to buy it.  Just like the United States today.   Everything that a politician can possibly control or manipulate in our nation is for sale.  We are a nation of men and not a nation of laws.   A nation of men is driven by the self and all of its manifestations; fear, hate, control, divisiveness, greed, exploitation, corruption, terror, lust, vainglory and on and on.   Our political class have become what any person who embraces reason, equality, democracy and human dignity believe any society should never be.  Our political class is most certainly the opposite of human divinity and its expression of science, art, culture, diversity, literature, compassion, dignity, kindness, community and acceptance.  We are a fundamentalist nation - a nation of false ideologies conscripted under a rule of man. 

After 1929 thousands of banks failed and there was no deposit insurance.  Millions lost ever nickel of savings they had because banks, families, businesses and everything in their path were left to fail because of this market fundamentalism.  How’d that work out for you?   The list of drivel from this ideological economic nonsense is literally endless.  Unless I have missed something, it is their ideology that has put us into this mess in the first place --  Market fundamentalists don’t believe in a minimum living wage, they don’t believe in healthcare rights for all, they believe Americans should be corporate slaves that compete against people making a nickel a day in repressive countries, they believe in free (looters) trade embraced by Wall Street and capital, they hate collective bargaining (The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, supported it as I have noted before) , they believe we should be on the gold standard (denying democratic money to millions and putting the control of money into the hands of those who own the gold) , they mock the idea of a public banking system that first serves democracy and human development, they mock social justice/human dignity and democracy in favor of free market fundamentalism, they believe the poorest people in our nation should suffer austerity because they are obviously living beyond their means and they hate programs that give the most exploited some level of basic economic dignity like Social Security and Medicaid.   Their ideology is the Godless and inhumane corporate state of deregulated capitalism.  Generally, this is an anti-democratic, hate-based economic ideology similar to that of southern plantation owners.   The economic policies practiced in this nation are that of a theocracy of ideological market fundamentalism fanatics that have hijacked the rule of law.

These are Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan, Ron Paul ideologues down to the very breath they breathe.   Selfishness creates a better world.  Additionally, some at the Mises Institute that Keiser singles out appear to be behind Ron Paul’s bigoted newsletters according to those who have investigated this matter.  (Do your own diligence.)  This type of ideological drivel only gains traction when lunatics rise to the level of replacing what’s right and just and true manifested through the reasoned rule of law.  That this fundamentalist economic viewpoint has gone mainstream, is no different than religious fundamentalism going mainstream.  Fanaticism gains a base when a reasoned rule of law is destroyed and people who outwardly seek guidance for their inner journey, then become captivated by charlatans, soothsayers and fringe elements.   This is all because democracy is collapsing.  

There are a LOT of bloggers out there playing the role of useful idiots espousing this  Mises Institute free market fundamentalist fanaticism. (a covert hatred of democracy and democratic government?)  And, Keiser rightly points out that this Mises Institute ideology is behind Wall Street’s propaganda engine of market fundamentalism.  That they are one in the same.  They are shills for the likes of Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein. 

Finally, someone (Keiser) else has some guts to point the finger at this kind of hate-based (manifestations of the self) fundamentalist economic ideology.  There is a reason why Ron Paul got 5% of the vote in a time when almost everyone in our nation is completely  disgusted with our bought-and-paid-for political choices.

Of course, I am most certainly fallible.  I could have misinterpreted what has been published by people associated with this fundamentalist movement.  I encourage anyone who believes I have erred to provide information that sets the record straight.   If these groups support a living wage, support Social Security, support social programs to lift and empower people out of exploitation, support a banking system that serves democracy before private, for-profit capital, support collective bargaining which is democracy applied to economics, support democratic or abundant fiat money rather than gold money, etc.  I would like to know and will post it on here.

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