Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Russia Halts The Sale Of Monsanto’s Dystopian FrankenKorn

There will likely come a day when we see a tipping point.  And, after that tipping point, complete failure will happen very, very, very rapidly for genetically-modified foods.   One of three outcomes or some combination of the three seems most likely.  One, that the GMOs financial enslavement of farmers fails due to a lack of farmer liquidity around the globe.  ie, We see a global farming or money bust or both.  Two, there is some massive health crisis or fear of one created by GMOs within the human population.  Or, three, transparency by democracy gaining an upper hand on corporations simply results in informed buyers telling the GMO corporate slave owners to fock off. 

I doubt the Russian announcement is that tipping point but it is a very big battle win in the war against FrankenFood terrorism and corporate enslavement of our democratic/sovereign food rights. 

The corporatocracy and the investor class don’t seem too worried.  Monsanto’s stock has risen about 100% in the last two years and is currently at a four year high.   I can tell you that if I had a billion dollars half of it would be in a Monsanto equity shares short at this price.  Nothing would make me giddier than riding this pig to zero.   The GMO enslavement of oftentimes impoverished farmers and the world’s poor and exploited is a boiling cauldron of control that could explode at any moment. 

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