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TIMELY Democracy Now! And Bill Moyers - The United States Of ALEC (Crypto-Fascism)

I think most people will really appreciate how incredibly disturbing this coming Bill Moyers’ documentary is going to be regarding crypto-fascism.  You’ll notice the godfather of the destruction of the United States, Ronald Reagan, is quoted in the video discussion of ALEC at Democracy Now!.  Link below.   ALEC gained critical mass under the “Reagan Revolution”. 

It’s not ironic that Moyers did an exposé about secret government while Reagan was in office and this coming documentary is all about secret government corruption and fascism.  Moyers’ 1987 exposé has been cited on here a few times over the years and is a must watch.  Reagan’s administration had over two hundred criminal indictments, forced resignations and other charges of corruption, ethics and criminal activity.   Think about that.  The 1980s was a decade that was the rise of full-force fascism, looting and corporate government in our nation. 

In the 1980s our nation’s GDP growth came mainly from three dubious sources thanks to Supply-Side Economics and its associated deregulation of capital.  With that deregulation came the deregulation of the uber-rich elites whose capital was supposed to stimulate economic growth through trickle down economics.  But instead has allowed capital to run completely roughshod over democracy.  How’d that work out for you?  

The three sources of growth in our nation during that period was 1) Reagan’s wholesale embrace of fascism by throwing as much money as he could at the for-profit war machine and military-industrial complex to stimulate the economy.  We built the nation’s largest military many times over during Reagan’s Soviet-style, government-planned overproduction.  All while poverty and the prison population started swelling exponentially - all guns for crony kleptocrats and no butter for our citizens.  (Oh, and Reagan’s war on drugs enabled the war/police state’s powers to violently prey on our citizens.)  And, that military is now running roughshod over the world and now our citizens thanks to Reagan’s policies that were embraced by future presidents who were bought and paid for by Reagan’s deregulated capital.   2) Government deficit spending as a percentage of GDP under Reagan was and still is the highest ever recorded.  Much higher than Obama.  Much!  And, 3) the deregulation of capital started the financial looting of America by bringing union-busting into the mainstream, debt enslavement of Americans by denying our citizen’s economic rights to their own capital and living wages, and of course,  by the incredibly massive S&L looting crisis.  A crisis that in scope and scale was far larger than the Wall Street-induced crisis in 2008.   The Reagan economy of the 1980s was a fucking disaster.  Crony fascist, financial corporatist, war state looting.

And, to top it off, during Reagan’s years in office there was the CIA’s involvement in planting cocaine in Los Angeles African-American communities as a result of their involvement in Iran-Contra was one of the greatest cover-ups of criminal behavior in our nation’s history.  But Reagan claimed plausible deniability.  Rrrrrright.  Our government is till rumored to run drugs and this isn’t any kind of conspiratorial nonsense.  This is as real as real can be. 

While I am talking about the CIA drugging Americans, I’ll throw this story in here even though it is off topic.  Well, sort of off topic.  Although it does involve corporations and government working together in a goal of violence and exploitation of American citizens.  This is being reported by a local TV station in St. Louis this past week.  For nearly 20 years the United States Army filled the lungs of mostly African-Americans living in St. Louis with toxic cadmium to test its effects.  And, guess what?  No body knew about it.  This went on until 1970.  Of course the Army claims there was no issues of safety.  Are you kidding?  This is their best response?  Does it get any more Orwellian?  These people should be tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity.  Cadmium is one of the most toxic materials known to humankind.  Let’s let some of these criminals eat some of their own home cooking if there are no safety issues. 

Timely and important.  I highly encourage you to visit the two following links.  Especially the Moyers’ link.

Democracy Now! and Bill Moyers Video on the United States of ALEC

Bill Moyers on his site previewing his upcoming television documentary on ALEC.

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