Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Rigged, Corporate-Controlled, Corporate-Funded Presidential Propaganda Debates Start Tomorrow

Now be sure to watch the presidential debate tomorrow night.  One held by our fascist corporate masters.  The rules of the debate were already negotiated in secret by the Democrats and Republicans.  Just like everything else done in secret in our nation.  So, that neither candidate looks like the bumbling corporate-controlled marionettes they really are.  Of course, the debates are controlled by a corporation, the Commission on Presidential Debates, set up while Reagan was in office.  Maybe he had nothing to do with it but the president is generally the unofficial party leader while in office regardless of what bureaucrats hold the official tittle.  And, that corporation, the Commission on Presidential Debates, solicits donations from other for-profit corporations to run/rig the debates in secret.  And, since the Libertarian Party, Green Party and others aren’t involved in rigging the rules to the election game, which goes well beyond rigging debates, we have no choice but to listen to the mind-numbing drone of two false choices presented by the corporatist, war state neoliberals of the Democratic and Republican Parties. 

Prior to corporate and party control of the debates, The League of Women Voters moderated the debates. When the political parties gained control under Reagan, they withdrew their support because "the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter” in their own words.  Why yes they have.  Of course, the corporate clowns in the mainstream media now moderate what is essentially a very tightly-controlled propaganda event.    Can you imagine if a qualified third party or independent candidates were involved in this mockery of democracy?  And, if qualified moderators required the candidates to answer the question truthfully and completely no matter how long the debates took?    You know.  Like the Lincoln-Douglas debates. 

Get your corporate-manufactured, microwave popcorn and your corporate-manufactured, caramel-colored, artificially-sweetened soda ready for this corporate extravaganza.  It ought to be a merry good time of the subversion of truth.

posted by TimingLogic at 5:48 PM