Monday, October 08, 2012

The Crisis Is Over! Goldman Sachs, Home Prices And Stocks Are Headed Up!


Smaller title print on the cover - Major markets likely to see the biggest gains: Houston, Phoenix, Austin, Denver, San Jose.


Smaller title print on the cover - Neither Washington's woes nor Europe’s mess have dented investor’s confidence, and most Wall Street strategists see stocks rising further from here. (You know, just like they said, and we highlighted at the time, in 2007 & 2008) 


Smaller title print on the cover - Somewhat tarnished (WTF?), slightly humbled, the world’s “smartest” investment bank is poised to regain its former glory. 

I haven’t really shown any magazine covers in years. It’s not really my gig. But it is a measurement of mob and social psychology. Especially given that most for-profit, corporate-driven mainstream media in the United States is driven substantially, if not primarily, by the profit motive. The human mind cannot simultaneously have an intent of both control and truth aka money and morality/truth. Institutions of the self or the ego, such as for-profit, corporate media, are simply manifestations of those incongruencies.

Given the audacity of these three Barron’s covers in September of 2012, I simply couldn’t pass them by.

If you want to get some perspective on what the “investor class” aka looters believe about financial markets, there is no better place than the cover of Barron’s. All of the Robber Barrons err Barons read Barron’s. Of course, the rationalizations and self-delusions behind these magazine covers are all quite predictable given how codependent the investor class and politicians are. Did we see anything different on the magazine covers or in the social mood of the status quo at the forward precipice of the implosion of Wall Street’s other bubbles or history’s major social and/or economic shifts? The status quo is always ill-prepared before every major phase shift. Every single time. Because the self always has an intent to control rather than an intent of discovery and truth. Those who seek authority are always consumed by the self.

The status quo keeps churning along like there’s not a worry in the world. Every major economy on earth is starting to shudder under this system. QE3 won’t solve any systemic issues and Washington is run by megalomaniacs and crooks. Political and banking systems around the globe are in very similar situations. Yet in the land of looters, psychopaths and predators, the insane asylum has a full cabinet of meds and their endless bailouts have the pigmen fat, dumb and happy.

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