Friday, October 12, 2012

The Serious Health Dangers Of Cell Phones And Other Sources Of Energy Pollution

I have talked about this topic before and in the process linked to this citizen organization concerned about energy pollution  I am relinking for your viewing pleasure.  

In the representation of the universe as humanity perceives it, everything is really nothing more than energy.  You included.    We are nothing more than energy.   Our conception is nothing more than an act of the life force of energy replicating itself anew.  Our body is created through continuous cell replication driven by the life force of energy.   All three components of our autonomic nervous system operation through the life force of energy - electrical potential just as a battery’s energy.   The billions of circuits in our brain fire when reaching an energy or voltage potential arising from ionic current flow.  Our body uses energy to heal itself both emotionally and physically.  We ingest energy (food) and assimilate it through a system that operates under the production of the body’s energy system.  The life force that keeps you, me, the trees, microbes, animals and the earth alive and sustains and replicates itself, a force we literally know nothing about, is all driven simply by energy. 

I remember early in my first job that customers were having an issue with the processor design that came out of our lab.   Some PhDs from another part of the company figured out it was some type of radiation or energy from the wild blue yonder that was impacting circuit operation.  Radiation hardening of electrical components is standard practice for much industrial, space & military equipment.  And, for any equipment where shielding from the EMF (electric and magnetic fields) disturbances of other components is necessary for proper operation. 

So, the question may be asked, if your body’s operation is completely reliant on the proper working of its energy systems, why isn’t it shielded from all of the manmade electromagnetic energy pollution surrounding us every day?  Did anyone ever do any testing on the safety of your cell phone or your laptop or your microwave or your TV or those massive electrical runs in high rise buildings or high voltage distribution lines or your MP3 player earphones or Bluetooth headsets or CAT scans or Homeland Security airport scanners and on and on and on?   Well, many people have done testing and clearly understand the risks but none of the manufacturers of energy pollution are incented to understand any issues of energy pollution because it impacts profits.  ie, Benefits of the self over that of the community that we call unregulated capitalism.  You know, more of that privatizing gains and socializing losses thing. 

Is it not logical to assume that your body, being nothing more than a form of energy, could see its proper operation impacted by manmade EMF and energy pollution interfering with its normal activity?  Just like those circuits in the computer processor being impacted by EMF that I mentioned above?  Of course, it is logical.  The government clearly understands this.  The CDC has a web site about energy pollution and possible damages that result from it. 

At some point, we are certainly going to find out, and I do mean certainly, because there are literally no doubts, only a subversion of science and truth to hide these issues for profit motive, that your cell phone and other electrical devices aren’t really any different than Monsanto’s GMO foods or the chemicals they spray on them or PCBs or Agent Orange or other sources of toxins to the environment.   They are all manmade products that have a detrimental and poisonous impact on nature.  And, that science is subverted in order to rig the game towards profit motive over the discovery of truth.  The difference between Monsanto and your cell phone is that the cell phone can be created with EMF shielding.   The only reason it isn’t is because it cuts into corporate profits.  (There are various aftermarket cell phone EMF shielding products but I would highly suggest you not consider anything that doesn’t have independent test results on their efficacy.)  

In other words, this is just another example of privatizing the gains and socializing the losses that has is driven by the motive of personal gain, ego and profit at the expense of selflessness, honesty and service to community and humankind.   Once you understand that corporations are simply institutions of the ego or institutions of control, you realize that placing the future of your safety in their hands is utter nonsense.   Any corporation, be it in the health care, food production or any other field has a primary intent or motive of profit.  And, because it is an institution of the ego or manifested self, you are simply at the mercy of the ethics of its leadership and everyone working within that system without complete transparent, accountable oversight and the rule of law of democracy to protect you.

Mercola has a detailed post on this topic and I would encourage everyone to read/watch it.

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