Monday, October 22, 2012

Booyah! Scotland Votes For Its Independence From England In 2014

As I‘ve noted on here before, were I king for a day, I would boot the queen mother’s ass to the curb.   She can work at Sainsbury’s or Wal-mart like everyone else.   I don’t care how much tourist money a monarchy brings it.  It permeates an elitist class-based culture that has a great stench.  I have no appreciation for entitlement or authority granted by birthright or self-appointed importance.   The only legitimate authority over any human being in this world is law.   Reasoned, just, transparent law.   That includes in our economy as well as in our society.  The fact that we have little rule of law in our economy is why people around the world have become nothing more than chattel for corporate slave owners.

London elites have been a pariah living off of the backs of others for the last one thousand years.  They still are in some regard.  Nothing could better define the looting economy today than the Bank of England and the banking criminals in London. (By the way, I want to place a reminder in here that England is my candidate for hyperinflation this cycle.  ie, Complete monetary and social collapse.) Seeing the massive corruption that exists in London today, and how it impacts Scotland and has since London’s rise to monarchy power, I have little doubt how the Scots will vote.

Remember, back before the 2008 collapse, I wrote a few posts on how the world was going to unwind.  And, that unwinding applied not only to banks but corporations, governments and other institutions of man.   This referendum on Scotland’s freedom is a prime example of this.   In fact, this dynamic has played into many of my posts and anticipated outcomes since.   All institutions of the ego eventually fail.  All of them.  All governments eventually fail.  All money eventually fails.  All corporations eventually fail.  All social values systems and beliefs eventually fail.   They are all institutions of control or of the ego.   The only timeless truths that exist in this world are compassion, kindness, community, equality, dignity, love and the like.  ie, Timeless values comprised of what makes us sentient beings.  What makes us human.  Unfortunately, because of the endless rationalizations and delusions the manifested self or the ego tells itself, failure is almost certainly the most important dynamic associated with human progress.  It is the best method through which learning takes place.  Because it shatters our ego-motive and the endless lies and rationalizations we tell ourselves.   It is only the rejection of these lies and rationalizations so prevalent in modern corporate capitalist societies that allows us to become who we were meant to become.

Too big to fail means failure is eventually imminent.  Whether that is in a year, ten years or fifty years.  Just ask the centralized bureaucracy of the Soviet Union.  

Maybe if London fails, ie loses Scotland and Ireland along with the rest of its former empire, the people of England will finally break the yoke of elitist tyranny and associated class warfare that has permeated its culture since its modern inception.  

There is a reason Hitler was fond of English class structure, elitism, empire and the like.  He wanted some of England’s fascism for himself. 

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