Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Meet Your New Boss, The Same As The Old Boss

Our corporate masters and the shady political party bosses who do their will won the presidential election.  No great surprise.  The only two choices for most were both party bosses.  Romney lost his home state by the largest count in 150 years and Ryan’s home district was lost as well.  Most certainly this election was a lesser of two evils; an unfortunate bout of rationalizations.  As of 5AM this morning, the total popular vote for the presidential election was down 14 million over 2008. Obama received 24% of the popular vote.

Our corporate masters also defeated Proposition 37.   Almost unbelievably, corporate money continues to convince society that we don’t want to know what we are eating.  Of course, that’s simply a continuation of why our society is so amazingly sick and so unbelievably overweight.   Belief systems in the corporate state remain, to a large degree, in tact.   At least with those who vote.  

A major reason why GMO labeling lost is because we have reports like the Time magazine nonsense below.  Journalists have generally become  unqualified to tackle complex topics involving discovery and critical thought.   They are a product of the dumbed-down corporate state that has also hijacked our educational system.   They teach us what to think rather than how to think.  Not necessarily because teachers want to teach this way but because all-knowing politicians force teachers into how and what to teach.   Our society will never become educated on substantial issues when we are reliant on our press, politicians and the corporate state.  These are the most incompetent and ineffectual people in our society that embrace a dumbing-down that happens when bureaucrats grant themselves almost total control over our lives.   So, instead, continued future crisis will be our guide for learning and education as our belief systems continue to be chipped away at in an unpleasant awakening process. 

But here’s the thing: mainstream scientists say there is little evidence that there are any harmful health effects associated with consuming GM crops. The National Academy of Sciences, the British Royal Academy, the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association and many other major scientific bodies have said publicly that GM food is not dangerous. Americans have been eating food made from GM crops for years and no one has yet been able to demonstrate a single case of someone actually getting sick from it. (See Keith Kloor’s piece on Slate on the scientific view of GM crops.) The board of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) released a letter last month recommending against the special labeling of GM food and quoted from a recent E.U. report on GM crops.

Remember, many of the same captured bureaucracies cited above (Bureaucracies are not driven by science and discovery regardless of their titles.  They are driven by ego and control.) are telling you that human-caused global warming is the source of natural disasters around the world.   Next thing you know, they’ll be telling you the massive earthquakes and volcanism we see, that are both responsible for most of the natural disasters we see, are caused by people.

These are the same captured bureaucracies, who either through complicity in dumbed-down science or outright silence on substantive issues, have endorsed artificial sweeteners, industrial farming’s devastating use of antibiotics, feeding meat to cattle, (Mad Cow’s likely culprit or a major contributor) feeding chickens arsenic, pumping Americans full of pharma drugs with substantial side effects and on and on. 

Any time discovery and the search for truth is turned into a popularity contest, you know the fix is in.  (But here’s the thing: mainstream scientists say there is little evidence that there are any harmful health effects associated with consuming GM crops.)

I find it more than interesting that the “mainstream” Russian Academy of Sciences has come out with frightening studies on genetically-modified foods and has also stated that the planet’s future would be towards cooling as the sun enters a new cycle.   The Russian Academy of Sciences has some very heavyweight scientists as brilliant as any around the world.  But, there is one difference.  They are out of reach of the propagandized hijacking of education and science by politicians and corporate interests that are so prevalent in the U.S. and Europe.  Someone is very wrong on both of these issues.  

The leaderless society marches on.

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