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New Discoveries Of The Universe Continue To Baffle Science

This truly is a time of tremendous discovery for humanity.  Unfortunately, given the circumstances on earth, many people are not able to appreciate how substantial many of these discoveries are.   But those people too are experiencing tremendous discovery as failed belief systems are shattered left and right.  The endless amount of new discovery that is taking place in basic sciences clearly vindicates the absolute need for basic scientific research.  Basic scientific research with no profit motive, no product development or any other corporate state involvement.  Simply the untainted discovery and search for truth driven exclusively by our divine inquisitiveness.  

Our political masters have been on a corporatized mission to push all science towards a direction serving profit motive, product development, corporate capitalism’s benefit and other forms of control.  Especially since the Clinton-Gore presidency that truly unleashed the Godless corporate state.  If left up to the corporate state, all science and discovery will eventually be tainted by corruption, control and self-interest.   All science will become dystopian.  Instead of basic research and the nobility of the search for truth, we will see all science pointed in the direction of outcomes like GMO foods, artificial sweeteners, pharma drugging us to death, chemically-laced consumer products, poisoned food and water and other manifestations of for-profit, corporate capitalist-driven “science”.  Politicians have already tainted and hobbled NASA and, if left to their own vices, will eventually kill it. 

Publicly-funded science and the unfettered search for truth is a founding pillar of freedom and democracy.  Unfortunately, in the dumbed-down corporate state we even have proletariat “quasi”-libertarians like Ron Paul telling us that public-funding of science should be privatized into the corporate world.  Unfortunately, politicians, who always are seeking to subvert democracy, are now meddling with and have destroyed much of basic science and public science.  Anthropogenic global warming being a keystone or pillar to that statement.  

There are many people out there making a lot of money by telling people that 2012 is going to see a return of aliens or some new age leap in consciousness abruptly change humanity or life on earth.  I don’t discount any plausible or often even implausible possibilities about the universe if there is some foundational rationale.  But I think those perspectives are generally fantasies and delusions driven by the same dynamic that causes people to outsource their belief systems to institutionalized religion, institutionalized politics, institutionalized science and institutionalized corporations.   That is, our inner child is always seeking to relive its early life experiences in some attempt to heal itself.  And, we see those attempts to heal ourselves in the use of other people or external factors – saviors, politicians, careers, spouses, children, returning aliens, fantasies about a new age jump in consciousness, drugs, alcohol, food and on and on and on are often used in some failed attempt to heal our inner child’s wounds.    It is the same reason George Washington or the rule of man over law was proposed to be king of the United States.  And, the same reason why arrogance and megalomania allows modern day presidents to believe they are granted powers of kings beyond the rule of law. 

But, in the end, we must realize that only we can grant ourselves our own divinity to heal and free ourselves.  To grant ourselves our own worthiness.  ie,  Part of the human condition is that we are always looking for some type of external factor or external sign or external savior or external validation when all of those abilities truly only reside within us.  And, only when we grant ourselves these abilities will we become who we were meant to become and release ourselves of the bondage that seeking external validation and worthiness places upon us.  Peace and harmony are granted by conquest of our inner divinity over the endless sufferings of the manifested self including our inner child and their never-ending search for external validation.  Not by the returning of aliens, some divine event expected in 2012 and most certainly not by politicians and corporate-inspired slavery aka corporate careers and the institutionalized proletariat view of work and capitalism as some higher form of worthiness.  Not ironically, something that Jesus of Nazareth, Krishna,  Buddha and other great spiritual leaders clearly understood and embraced in their spiritual & mystical wisdom and teachings. 

That we have found water and organic matter on Mercury are consistent with previous scientific findings in the universe but they seemingly continue to baffle institutionalized perceptions of knowledge.

While we continue to find the organic building blocks of life throughout the universe, I think we must consider the possibility that for complex life as we know it, the earth is, in fact, the center of the universe.   I know how unpopular and how hilarious that statement might be given the unsubstantiated drivel that is pounded into our heads since childhood.  I could write a lengthy dissertation on why I believe this could be so, and it most certainly could be wrong, but no more wrong than other prevailing belief systems to the contrary pawned off as truth.  I’ll just remark as I have many times that the physical world most certainly is not as it seems.  I’m not certain of how the world or universe truly is but I certainly know how it is not.  And, I base much of that on personal experience rather than unsubstantiated, institutionalized conjecture and ideology taught almost to a level of incontrovertible fact. 

We already know that organic matter and water, as found on Mercury, is prevalent in the universe.  This has already been proven by science.  So, we already know either we come from the stars or the stars come from us or some variation of that statement.  And, given that fact, we must consider the possibility that the universe is itself alive and intelligently so.  It made you, a sentient and divine being, didn’t it?  Is it possible for something of no intelligence, the universe, to create something of unbounded awareness and intelligence, the human mind?  Or, could the universe itself simply be a manifestation of the human mind?  That statement is more plausible than one might consider at first blush.     

“Man is made by his belief.  As he believes, so he is.” – Bhagavad Gita

I believe, therefore I am.  We have to make our own reality by first believing it.  Everything in your perception of reality is first made so by believing it to be so.  You make the world in which you live by believing it.  Illegitimate power and authority fears nothing more than the power of the human mind.  Since the beginning of time, illegitimacy has continuously tried every conceivable method of extinguishing the power of the mind including endless war, fear, propaganda, predation, victimization, murder and violence.  There truly is no greater power or energy in the universe than the human mind.  Your mind.  And we still have absolutely no idea of its ultimate power or even what it really is.  Every single advance in society, human dignity, human decency, science, art, literature, music and other forms of divine expression were first the dream of a single man or woman.  We truly do live in a dream world.  And individual expression is the only way those dreams will ever continue to become a greater reality.  We have to make our own freedom and a better world by first dreaming and believing it is possible.   It most certainly is more than possible.   The divinity contained within the human mind must ultimately make it come true. 

There most likely is no one coming to save you or me in 2012 or any other time.  There is no one to save you from your self.  You are the one you have been waiting for.  Each of us divinely has the gift of higher power processing that uniquely grants us the ability to love without condition by connecting to another sentient being and to do so knowingly, consciously and with intent.   Or, the flip side, for the manifested self to deny another sentient being connection, love and acceptance and to do so knowingly, consciously and with intent.  If you want to change the world, change yourself by seeking the journey of connecting to your own inner divinity and its unbounded energy.  By eschewing the endless search for external validation and false answers provided by someone else.  End the rationalizations and lies you tell yourself by embracing your own journey over that of the Godless corporate state.   Create a better world by dreaming it to be so and then actualizing that world through your mind’s unlimited abilities to create a greater reality.

Voyager finds new energy highway at the edge of the solar system

NASA’s NuStar platform catches black hole eating snack

Giant black hole could upset galaxy evolution models

Black hole jets may be molded by magnetism

And, finally, water and organic matter found on Mercury (With this discovery of massive amounts of water on Mercury, trillions of tons just at the north pole, a planet with an extremely weak - almost nonexistent atmosphere, and with flowing water on the moon Europa, I think we can now expect to eventually chuck the prevailing theory on where water originally came from on earth. And, as part of that, we most certainly must question prevailing theory on how and and possibly why complex life, requiring water and organic matter, started on earth. Complex life is the result of an unknown, unseen energy that science simply cannot explain. And, that energy is seemingly specific to earth. Frankly, it’s very plausible that matter as we perceive it, simply doesn’t even exist.)

How can anyone call themselves a scientist or seeker of truth and believe a simple-minded planetary model of essentially air temperature can be accurately described by simply measuring atmospheric carbon levels when the most powerful sources of energy impacting our planet aren’t even factored? Carbon is not an independent variable. These models aren’t consistent with the laws of physics or the laws of thermodynamics. But then climatologists don’t have a strong foundation of fundamental sciences in their education. These people are simply another set of clowns trying to pawn this junk politicization of science off to the rest of us. And the herd instinct and outsourcing of beliefs of those who follow politicized science as a subset of politics itself is very intense. So, the search for truth becomes a popularity contest driven by the timeless untruths of social factors rather than true discovery. These junk models are just like the junk Wall Street “scientific” models that firms spent billions creating that blew up in 2008. And we said they were going to blow up. It’s not too ironic that I hold the same position with junk climatology.

Our world and our solar system are most certainly changing, and they are changing substantially as noted on here in many posts, but it isn’t because of the nonsensical notion of human-created carbon emissions. The sun, earth, planetary moons and all planets are being impacted quite substantially and measurably so.

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