Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Mythical Fiscal Cliff Part 1

I’ll get my post about the mythical fiscal cliff up in the next week.   There may be one or two minor posts I place ahead of it.  Actually, it will probably be two posts to break it down but in the mean time I am going to include three links in this post.  I am including these links because all three of these people are talking about topics I have discussed on here ad nauseam.  And, they are all excellent primers that relieve me of much effort in rehashing the same topics in my upcoming post.  

As I noted on here before, there is no fiscal cliff.  The fiscal cliff is an imaginary boogeyman created by the corporate state and its masters of private, for-profit capital.   Imaginary boogeymen that allow the corporate state to stomp on the face of humanity and perpetuate endless wars  ---  The same imaginary boogeyman that allowed the corporate state to throw more Americans in prison than even communist China; the war on crime and drugs.  The same imaginary boogeyman that allowed the corporate state’s unconstitutional Patriot Act to pass Congress; the war on terror.  The same imaginary boogeyman that has allowed the corporate state to run roughshod over the world with undeclared and unconstitutional military actions in countless countries like Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Somolia; more on the war on terror.   The same imaginary boogeyman that has allowed the corporate state to brutalize labor and deny Americans the basic dignity of health care and that has resulted in untold thousands, if not millions, of unnecessary deaths and sickness; the war on democracy.  And, the same imaginary boogeyman that has allowed the corporate state of Germany, and to a lesser extent, France, to ruin the sovereign nations of Greece, Spain and soon to be other European economies; the war on democracy and sovereignty.   And on and on and on.

The first link below is a video on the fiscal cliff by Dennis Kucinich.  Then an op-ed by Cheri Honkola, who was once homeless herself and was also the Green Party candidate for vice president in 2012.  And, most importantly, by Michael Hudson.  Michael has been highlighted on here before and is probably the only economist out of countless thousands that I can cite as really understanding money and monetary economics.   Seriously.  The only one.  There may be more but I haven’t seen them.  That’s because they only learn what they are taught in university unless they have a desire to reject the voodoo we call modern economics.  And, what they learn serves the perpetuation of the status quo’s bureaucracy in economics rather than any modicum of truth.   

Kucinich video here.

Honkala comments here.

Hudson comments here.

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