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12-21-2012 - Maya Unmoved By Quacks, Flakes And Psychos Pushing The Armageddon Hysteria

There is no evidence from any ancient texts anywhere or from any credible science anywhere that we are going to see the world end tomorrow or in 2012.   (It is already tomorrow in parts of the world so I guess they have already disappeared or were killed by fire and brimstone in Tokyo, Mumbai and Shanghai.)  And, there isn’t even any legitimate mystical, metaphysical or spiritual knowledge pointing to the end of the world either.   

We can thank the Catholic priests who were part of the expeditions to the New World for what were essentially massive Nazi-style book burnings of Mayan codices, written texts and knowledge as they attempted to civilize the Mayan “heathens”.  And, to do so, they were hell-bent on destroying their culture, their civilization, their knowledge, their language and their identity.  We don’t really know a lot of what the Mayan knew except what has been saved by  word of mouth and the archeological hieroglyphs that remain because their libraries of knowledge were torched.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Illegitimate authority or the rule of man has always used terror, violence and control in an attempt to “civilize” or indoctrinate anyone with dissenting views.   Illegitimate authority fears diversity of any kind.  Especially diversity of the most powerful force in the universe, the human mind.   Bullying and indoctrination still remain common in modern society’s violent and predatory patriarchal culture.   Our kids learn this type of indoctrinated violence at a very young age.  Or, as George Bush said, “You are either with us or against us.”.  Booyah!  It’s time to open up a can of whoopass. 

Up until about fifty years ago, many people of color weren’t even considered human by illegitimate authority in some western societies.  So, oftentimes there wasn’t even an attempt to “civilize” so much as eradicate.   The only way the modern for-profit military-industrial complex is able to wage endless war and destruction around the world is by intimating a less “civilized” or even somehow inferior race or culture.    As George Carlin so aptly noted, “Now we only bomb brown people.”.   Has anything actually changed since the western power-elites destruction of Mayan culture and knowledge?  War and murder on a scale encouraged by the state requires some form of fear by manufacturing a boogeyman that is somehow different than us.   Somehow to be feared.  Nearly four hundred years ago the Mayan culture was associated with the devil.  Or, so it was perpetuated in order to create that boogeyman.   Today, that same boogeyman has been recreated as Muslims or others who are often portrayed as different are once again associated with evil, the devil or similar holy war intimations.  And, there are most certainly lunatics on the other side of this issue willing to fan the flames for their own self-interested megalomania. 

The only way any rule of man can gain its illegitimate power and control is through terror and fear.  And, the rest of us are left holding the bag either through being manipulated out of money or loss of our own power aka liberty in some way, fighting their endless wars, be they the economic wars of deregulated capitalism, or the literal wars of killing people we know nothing about or have no grievance against.    If we lived in a just, virtuous, compassionate, stable world ruled by law where all people who granted dignity and worthiness, predators, quacks, lunatics and psychos would never find a substantial following for their manufactured hysteria.   As noted on here before, these are signs of the times.  Signs of social collapse created by the rule of man just as was the case in the military, corporate and politically-created social collapse of post-WWI Germany.

This is why no man should ever have any authority over another human being.  Ever.  Period.  No exceptions.  Only, reasoned, just and transparent law is the legitimate authority in this world.   But we live in a world ruled by man who have bribed, manipulated and deceived their way into positions to distort and destroy reason and law.  We live in a dumbed-down Godless world of sameness and conformity ruled by true heathens who reject science, reason, liberty and human dignity.

This hysteria over tomorrow is all created by the vacuum that develops when a collapsing rule of law is filled with the terror, manipulation, deceit and exploitation of the rule of man.  Or, when there simply is no rule of law but instead the terror, manipulation, deceit and exploitation of the rule of man.  The tyranny of the self.  2012 histrionics are driven by people who are motivated by controlling and preying upon others through fear and terror for their own personal benefit, be it illegitimate power or money.  Just as has happened with the Mayan civilization nearly four hundred years ago.  Psychopaths, predators and lunatics.  It is simply another in a long list of timeless terror tactics used by an unstable perception of self for its own megalomaniacal benefit.

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