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Never-Before-Seen Planets Help Their Star Grow

This is truly amazing.  For me, this is one of the greatest discoveries in recent memory for many esoteric reasons.  And for those who believe our space program should be handed over to for-profit corporations…  well, we can thank our lucky stars that hasn’t happened yet.  There’s nothing wrong with profit but basic scientific research whose intent is only discovery and truth, as opposed to making a profit, can only be fully funded by public money.  Public dollars from around the world, including the U.S., helped build the facility and fund the research making this discovery.

While researchers in this story point to gravity as the feed for these molecular flows, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t also driven by some other force such as the recently discovered magnetic portals that we highlighted on here.  Magnetic portals discovered by public NASA-funded research.   I don’t know the sizes and distances involved here but they are likely at least as large as our solar system.   That being the case, gravitational overshoot as the only force involved is a hard sell in my book.  Additionally, gravitational overshoot to explain these molecular flows feeding a sun supposes a random, unintended consequence.  I find that to be an incredibly dubious explanation.  In fact, I find that nearly impossible to believe. 

There are certainly energy forces at work in the universe that we clearly understand nothing about.   How about we consider a new paradigm?  One that considers planets, in their most base form, as matter.  And, the basis for matter is energy.   You know, like that guy, Einstein, said.  So, when viewed from a different perception, planets are, in fact, simply massive concentrations of energy.  

We understand the gravitational aspects of mass or matter but I would surmise we may not understand all manifestations of that energy.  One hint of this is the electromagnetism that is exhibited by all planets, moons and the sun.  Oh, by the way, the same electromagnetism that human cells and the human body exhibit.  We clearly “see” this manifestation of energy in the discovery of magnetic portals as energy conduits between planets and our sun.   If one would be able to “see” this energy, our solar system would look more like the interconnected neurons in our brain than the disconnected “visual” perception of reality we associate with the sun and planets around us.  Just something to think about. Smile with tongue out  We have absolutely no idea what perceptions of reality even exist without the mind. 

If one takes a mild leap from the perspective of planetary energy, then one might gain a greater appreciation of sun, moon and planetary astrology and the possibility of how certain configurations of energy aka objects in our solar system and beyond might impact events and life on earth.   One example of this is the research I posted on here some years ago by a Duke University astrophysicist whose research paper showed an incredibly high preponderance of evidence that Jupiter and Saturn, gas planets like the ones shown in this post’s discovery, were responsible for  the cyclical climate changes on earth. A  consideration point for the validation of planetary astrology-astronomy.   (As I noted on here about 2.5 years ago, Jupiter was closer to earth than any time in the last 50 years. )  By the way, Al Gore and his human-based global warming climatology bureaucrats don’t study astrophysics or electromagnetics in their college curriculum.   In other words, their models are based completely on junk science by not taking into consideration the most massive forces impacting our planet.

Is it the sun that creates life as is believed by science today or is it life that creates the sun?  This recent discovery of planets essentially feeding the sun most certainly begs many questions for the inquisitive mind.  There is very strong evidence that much of the sun’s activity in our solar system is determined to some degree by the planets and not the other way around as is the prevailing scientific theory of bureaucratic hierarchy. 

It certainly isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that prevailing bureaucracy’s theories, that are often pawned off as truth yet are anything but, could be completely wrong.  It took Albert Einstein nearly two decades to prove his theories to the “leading” theoretical minds in science.  Mind you, they were much less influenced by the corporate state than modern climatologists and the politicization of science and the corporate state’s capture of university researchers that has become so common today. 

The reality is that most theoretical science will eventually go the way of the Dodo bird.   Especially the MASSIVE, PARABOLIC RISE in junk science that has become so common in the corporate state.  That includes the simple-minded climate bureaucracy’s theories about human-caused global warming that take absolutely no consideration of our planet’s own energy systems, electromagnetism, planets in our solar system, the earth’s dynamo and associated volcanism, sources of energy and excitation in our solar system and beyond.  Sources that impact the earth with more energy in the blink of an eye than humanity will for the next ten billion years.

Title link to video and discovery of planet’s helping their star grow.

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