Friday, January 04, 2013

A Complicit Congress States CIA May Have Misled “Zero Dark Thirty” Filmmakers On Illegal Torture

The political trolls from both parties are joining forces for what could be rather dubious reasons.  This could easily be something much different than the headlines.   It could be that lawmakers are trying to ensure their involvement in illegal torture is kept secret.  ie, Cover your ass.  Because at some point, if things turn badly against either or both political parties or their countless secrets used to mislead democracy and possibly even perpetuate countless crimes, they could be prosecuted for crimes against humanity in a public tribunal.  Or they could have warrants issued for their arrest by the International Criminal Court in The Hague or courts elsewhere.   Don’t laugh this off.  Why else do politicians care to make the headlines as it pertains to the release of a movie?  Crimes against humanity don’t “expire”.   The Nazis did what they wished by subverting the law for nearly two decades until they were prosecuted by an international tribunal. 

Of course, there is the possibility that the CIA, what I believe evidence clearly shows is a criminal, anti-democratic enterprise, manipulated Hollywood.  That would be no surprise.  We know that has clearly happened time and time again.

I linked to the Washington Post for this story for one reason.   Look at the section where this story is printed; Entertainment.  That’s rich.  I’m not sure who believes the topic of illegal torture and crimes against humanity are entertainment but that’s par for the course in the dystopian mainstream media.  ie, The relevant story isn’t the act of illegal torture itself but the political concerns of its characterization in an entertainment venue.  A Brave New World indeed.

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