Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Drug Companies Fake Thousands Of Documents

I have an outline of an old post that I never put up surrounding the efficacy of the prescription drug bubble and this article reminded me that maybe I should finish it.  Anyway, it is surrounding the voodoo science used in pharma clinical trials and how corrupted and tainted it is.   That 5% of the population consumes 55% of the world’s prescription drugs should tell you something.  And, it likely isn’t good.  It either tells us how incredibly sick we are as a nation or how a fraudulent, for-profit pharma industry has addicted a nation to prescription drugs that are actually making us sicker.  The human ecosystem has an ability to heal itself given the right environment.  So, I believe the preponderance of evidence lies with the latter statement given all drugs are in fact viewed as poisons by the human body.   And, the scientific outcomes we see in support of this statement are the massively unreported and very serious side effects.    In fact, the recent shootings by Adam Lanza could have easily been triggered by the well-known suicidal and psychotic effects of many prescription drugs.   But, that possibility doesn’t serve the agenda of the corporate state which includes pharma. 

Sometimes drugs are necessary and their poisonous effects are the only choice we may have to keep us alive.  But, I seriously doubt that is often really the case for most long-term use of prescription drugs. 

Profit and corporate control as motives for health care subverts discovery and truth so necessary for a functioning health care system.  The invisible hand of self-interest that is Adam Smith’s capitalism is responsible for turning the Hippocratic Oath into a tyrannical and predatory hypocritical oath. 

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