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Was Thomas Jefferson Right? Heirs of Mao’s Comrades Rise As New Capitalist Nobility.

Capitalism and corporations are inventions of the state.  In fact, it’s quite easy to actually draw the lineage that corporate capitalism is simply an extension of the state.   And, as such, given war is the health of the state, that the corporate trade between nations that exists today is simply a form of economic warfare created and endorsed by the state. 

So, why should the fact that the capitalist nobility in China are those who inherited power granted by the state be of any surprise?   Those who benefit from political cronyism and corruption?  It was the same in Nazi Germany and the same in the U.S. today.  Those who grow to wield incredible corporate power in capitalism are always benefactors of the state.   

Our history wasn’t always decided as a capitalist nation.  ie, Private, for-profit capital deciding democracy’s fate.  Deciding your fate.  Thomas Jefferson saw the future of the United States as a primarily agrarian society.   He saw property as the ultimate expression of freedom.  Property, first and foremost being my own person and my own mind.  And, secondarily, land and home ownership.   Ownership that was beyond the power of the state.   Of course, modern-day capitalists hate this notion.  Frankly, because they hate democracy.  They instead argue that many Americans aren’t worthy of home ownership and that very fact is why we had a “housing” crisis.  Haha.  Right.   We had a crisis because another “ism” invented by man is collapsing.  That latest “ism” isn’t communism but capitalism.

As I have noted on here many times, Thomas Jefferson wanted democracy to grant every citizen a plot of land.   Even those individuals who own land in our nation today are simply renters.  No one ever owns anything in the corporate state.  Property taxes, the state or bankers can always take your castle when you experience misfortune, often not of your own making.   Misfortune that is always tied to the forces of capitalism and the state.   Thomas Jefferson’s vision clearly lost out to the vision of European capitalism at that time.  And its primary advocate, Alexander Hamilton.   Ironically, the rush to the New World was in an effort to flee from the class-based hierarchy and tyranny of European capitalism and its political-corporate-elite masters.  How different would our nation be were Jefferson’s vision to have won out?  Seriously?  Obviously, we would still have trade in our economy as we did during the days of Jefferson.  And, landowners could also be entrepreneurs who made things.  But the structure of our society and our economy would be vastly different.  

In this moment of time, I think one has to ask the question, “What is quality of life?”.  Spiritual mystics such as Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha and Ved Vyasa (generally attributed to writing the Gita) rejected any form of attachment to things such as career, consumerism and frankly, the entire underpinnings of capitalism.  And most people have no idea that there are ancient texts that all but confirm that Jesus of Nazareth completely rejected money.  We are a nation that is supposedly based on Judeo-Christian values and yet everything in our nation is driven by the control of money and attachment to materialism and other forms of manmade control.   So, were Jesus, Buddha and Vyasa accurate in their portrayal of the quality of life and true freedom?  Or is capitalism accurate?  Do you know who you really are or who you were meant to become or do you define your existence through the manifestations of control created by the state?

There most certainly are scientific advances that improve our quality of life.  And, those advances are the result of shared knowledge and invention, but, are they a result of capitalism?  As I have noted on here before, the answer is clearly no.  Science is, at its core, the purity of discovery that is a manifestation of our divinity or the higher power of the human mind that includes innate inquisitiveness or the intent of discovery and truth.   Our nation could easily have rejected capitalism in favor of Jefferson’s vision yet clearly embraced discovery, science and reason as Jefferson himself did.  Contrarily, capitalism uses the profit motive to actually deter, manipulate and control science and advancement.   And, as a result, junk science and propaganda often becomes accepted as truth. 

Jonas Salk literally gave the polio vaccine to humanity.  He could have sold it to a corporation to manufacture and sell it for an unbelievable profit.  But, he chose to share his discovery and knowledge for the betterment of humanity.   Not a very good capitalist.  But, one of the most decent human beings to grace our society.  Coincidence?  Not likely.  The purity of human expression is always subverted by institutions of control, including corporations and the state.  Now, are there areas where a merit-based economy actually benefits our quality of life?  Certainly there are.  But, our economy should be there to serve society and not a society there to serve the economy as is the case in corporate capitalism that has indentured democracy. 

Money is an invention of the state.  It is an institution of the ego and, therefore, encourages worship.    Given money is an institution of the ego, or of control, it is and always has been used as a method to determine arbitrary exclusion.  To determine arbitrary worthiness.  You may wish to participate to “earn” your contribution of money necessary to be granted access to the community’s resources but may be denied by the state and its inventions of money and capitalism.   Most often arbitrarily by having others determine your worthiness to life.  Let’s be frank.  That is exactly what it is.   And, that itself is a form of evil.   Ask the African Americans who were “freed” from capitalism’s slavery during the Civil War how money and capital was arbitrarily denied to them after the fact.  Denied by private, for-profit capital and the state.  And, how that denial created a century of diaspora and lack of determinism that then fed into the myths of bigotry and racism.

I have said on here many times that one day money will disappear.  Forever.  That it isn’t necessary.   When will that day come?  I have no idea.  But it will.  It could be in three years or three hundred years.   And, it most likely won’t come by choice but out of necessity.   

The Nazis loved capitalism.  And, so today do the communists.  Capital  in both cases was-is only subordinate to the primacy of the state.  Guess what?   That is exactly, without any equivocation, what exists in the United States today.  And, we call that dynamic capitalism as it has always been practiced.  Always.  Without exception.   

In a democracy, capital and government are subordinate to We The People.  The only way to achieve this is through democratic money and democratic banking to enable and empower democratic economics.  Freedom.   

The world needs market-based economies that serve democracy, society and human development not the state or its inventions of capitalism and money.

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