Monday, January 14, 2013

Al Gore Sells His Failing TV Network To U.S. Puppet Oil Dictator For $500 Million

“We all know now that Al Gore is nothing but a bullshitter,” said the staffer bluntly.

There is so much to say here.  Most of those comments should be directed at those who outsource their thinking to politicians and swindlers but I will refrain with just a few choice comments.   That said, people are just people and outsourcing your thinking or beliefs to anyone is a fool’s game.

Those who practice hero worship of political figures must certainly re-evaluate their belief systems in who Al Gore is.   If one is honest with oneself, that re-evaluation should include a question of what the intentions are of Gore pushing his belief that global warming is manmade.  Gore would have minted untold riches in his corporate investment with a former Goldman Sachs executive in the carbon trading scheme.  And, with this recent sale of his TV channel to one of the world’s largest carbon polluters, we get a great indication that Gore really isn’t motivated by principle or concern for the planet but by his own selfish greed.  Carbon trading would mint corporations, including his, untold riches while taxing American households and destroying American jobs.  I would actually like to see a green economy, as most Americans would, but this is not the answer.  To the contrary, this method of trickle down Reaganism embraced by Gore and Obama is more of that wealth redistribution scheme that steals from the poor to give to the politicians and their corporate masters.

Gore is now purported to be worth $500 million.  That’s even more than Slick Willy.   Think about that.  These two men were broke when leaving office just twelve years ago.  Did they create the cure for cancer?  Solve world hunger?  End global poverty?  Create the next IBM?    To the contrary, they completely deregulated capital and destroyed the American economy in the process.  In the years following their political departure, the U.S. economy has produced zero new wealth as measured by our financial markets.  Yet Gore and Clinton have become two of the richest men on earth.  Politicians.  With no experience at anything other than spending other people’s money and telling fast stories.  Literally.

How did Gore and Clinton make their untold riches?  They called in corporate favors for their involvement in deregulating capital.  Globally.  We in the real world call that Rolodex cronyism; it’s who you know not what you know.  And, you thought science was the engine of progress.   Science is dead.  All one needs is a Rolodex, you know like the kind they push at Harvard and Yale, and a willingness to sell favors to the highest bidder.  Favors paid for by society.  More of that privatizing gains and socializing losses in the corporate state.  More proof points that reason, intellect and ability mean little in the dumbed-down corporate state. 

To my knowledge, Al Gore’s TV channel has never been profitable and has been or is in the process of being cancelled by cable providers including Time Warner, the largest cable operator.  On an open, working market, this channel would probably head to bankruptcy without a prospective buyer.  Because it’s private, I can’t guesstimate how much it might be worth in bankruptcy.  Maybe the tangible assets would be worth something.  I would guess maybe $5 million through auction?   Just a wild guess.  But instead it is scooped up for $500 million by an oil dictator?  What exactly am I missing here?

This is more likely the result of cronyism or payback for some special favors pulled on one side or the other over the years.  Or, some payment by Qatar that its emir believes will reap future crony rewards in the for-profit U.S. political system.  In essence it is a bailout, per se, that is part of the privileged crony network.  It’s really no different than Wall Street’s bailout while main street rots. 

Not only is selling his television station an obvious sellout in the sense that Al Gore keeps telling us that carbon emissions from burning oil are pushing us past the point of literally catastrophic climate warming, but the almighty dollar was much more important than his dubious principles.   But maybe more importantly, Al Gore sold his television station to a dictator who can now pump his propaganda into U.S. households.   To be fair, Al Jazeera actually has authored some decent journalism but it really is no different than selling the channel to the Soviet Union.   It is state-sponsored news.  It is Pravda.   It is the People’s Daily News in communist China.  Well, other than Qatar is an American puppet police state.   I guess that makes it A-Okay.

Does Al Gore really believe in human-caused global warming or does he believe in whatever serves his own selfishness?  Or is it simply another method of using others to appease his inner demons?  ie, To achieve power and authority regardless of who pays the consequences.  To seek respect from others because of the lack of respect he has for himself?   You know, like selling his TV station to one of the largest carbon polluters on earth because, regardless of the rhetoric, money was much more important than taking a stand based on what now appear to be very dubious principles and even more dubious beliefs.

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