Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?

I truly do think it is highly plausible this is going to end very, very badly.   Much worse than anyone in the mainstream would dare contemplate.  As noted on here many times, before this cycle ends there could be horrific revelations about our government brought to light.   Remember, last year before the elections Obama’s team leaked these murders and tried to paint them as noble and virtuous.  Even comparing his virtues, used to determine who to kill, to Thomas Aquinas.   My jaw hit the floor when I read such blatantly deceptive propaganda.   “I knew Thomas Aquinas.  Mr. President, you’re no Thomas Aquinas.”

If there is a sentient force of the universe, I seriously doubt it condones any murder as righteous or just.   Especially state-sanctioned murder on a grand scale, aka war.   You have to wonder if the state is glorifying murder through leaked propaganda, what exactly is so heinous that requires the blanket secrecy we see today?  It’s obviously far worse than murder.   

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