Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Day In The Life Of The Corporate State - Business Roundtable Proposes Americans Work Until They Die

Nothing is more glorified in the proletariat corporate state than work.  Nothing.   I have a few really interesting posts on this topic but it’ll probably be six months or a year before I put them up.

Thirty years ago there was talk of a four day work week. Heard that one lately? Didn’t think so.  As I have noted on here before, we work for one reason.  Because that is what our corporate masters want.  Our corporate masters want more so we have to work more.   

Even though our society is substantially more productive today than thirty years ago, Americans have the longest work week in the industrialized world.   The longest.  Stereotypes of Americans being lazy aside, (a form of bullying perpetuated by the fascist state)  the facts are it has been that way for a long time. 

The reality is our society doesn’t need the average American to work more than two days a week to produce what we need.  Of course, another way to look at that is that we work 40 hours a week and retire after about fifteen years of work.  That is, unless you love working and absolutely need that new car every two years.  Then nothing would stop you from working until you die as our masters wish.   Money?  That’s easily solved.  As I have noted on here many times, money will disappear one day.  Forever.  It isn’t even necessary.  And, you certainly don’t need to work forever to have access to  shelter, food and healthcare that are needed to survive.  As I have posed on here before, if our economy was completely automated and nary a single person had to work, would we all be broke?  Of course not.  We would be wealthy beyond imagination; science is the engine of progress.  So, how do you solve this dilemma?  It’s incredibly easy but most people have a hard time grasping this concept even though money is already showing signs of dying today.  Some day I will explain this topic in detail but for now I would ask you to bring this concept into your conscious mind and contemplate its existence.  If you noodle on it, I’m certain you can find snippets of knowledge quite easily. 

We already work more than anyone else in the world.  Now, if the Business Roundtable’s small-minded “geniuses” determine our future, you can expect to work until you are again wearing diapers.  Of course, if you are an African American male or a low income Caucasian male, you’ll work until you die because your life expectancy isn’t even 70 years.  And, that is the way it should be.   As Ayn Rand told us, work is an ultimate expression of human achievement.  Well, actually, it was corporate capitalism that she was so fond of.   And it’s obvious the Business Roundtable agrees; and that means so too will our bought-and-paid-for congress and president.   But, then Ayn Rand was a proletariat at heart as are the Business Roundtable members.  More on that some other time.   

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