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The Real Story Of The Corporate State - Seven Million Civilians Dead Or Wounded In Vietnam

“A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.” – Martin Luther King

The real story?  Seven million civilians killed or wounded as a result of three million aircraft sorties.   Seven million people who never did anything to anyone living in the United States.   Three million aircraft sorties and the equivalent of 640 Hiroshima bombs unleashed on a civilian population.  All under the guise of an undeclared war.  Think about that.   Seven million people whose lives were turned upside down forever by an unconstitutional act.  

One has to question the intent of a policy that kills civilians indiscriminately and does so without any evidence needed by democracy to support war.  If the evidence was there, war would have been declared under constitutional law.  Who benefits from these actions?   I can only see benefit to the war capitalists.  The for-profit military-industrial complex and the for-profit banking and monetary system that lends them to money to create demand for their product.  And, the dimwitted, constitutional-shredding political apparatchiks who do their will.   Indeed, “War is the health of the state.”

I find it very interesting that today the supposed liberal intellectuals in our society do nothing while our corporate-political apparatus bombs the rest of the world into submission while simultaneously taking greater and greater democratic freedoms from our citizens.   Not only is their silence a form of complicity but oftentimes they even vehemently support such efforts of the state. 

This lack of moral conscience is eerily similar to Nazi Germany where German society’s intellectuals remained silent while the anti-intellectual thugs of the Nazi party targeted group after group of people as enemies of the state.  As I have noted on here a few times over the years, Martin Niemoller wrote of this morbid silence of the intellectual class in Germany:

  • First they came for the communists,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I wasn’t a communist.
  • Then they came for the Jews,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I wasn’t a Jew.
  • Then they came for the Catholics,
  • and I didn’t speak up,
  • because I was a Protestant.
  • Then they came for me,
  • and by that time there was no one
  • left to speak for me.

    Are Niemoller’s remarks a lesson for the countless undeclared wars and military excursions our nation is involved in around the world today?  And the continual denial of American citizen’s economic rights, food rights, living wage rights, health care rights, rights to organize against economic tyranny and rights of individual liberties?   Who amongst the supposed intellectual elites in our society speaks for the targets of the military industrial complex?  And who speaks on behalf of those who are now targeted domestically as potential terrorists oftentimes preposterously  because they support peaceful, nonviolent dissent against the corporate state?  Just as Martin Luther King was targeted four decades ago for opposing the corporate war state.  

    Were we really fighting communism during the Cold War and are we really fighting terrorism today?  Or are there other intents?  Intents hidden from democracy by a secret national security state?   With seven million civilians killed or wounded during the undeclared, unconstitutional Vietnam unWar War, a figure that rivals the greatest atrocities ever perpetrated throughout history, and countless millions maimed, killed, displaced or wounded in today’s endless undeclared, unconstitutional, dystopian, preemptive military-industrial complex activities, one has to be on planet Mars to question whether these actions are driven by democracy and a desire to protect and spread economic and social freedoms or to simply enrich the power and control of the corporate state.   It’s rather implausible that freedoms are spread through acts of death and untold thousands of depleted uranium weapons.

    In the corporate state, monied interests start wars and, by denying our citizens access to capital through private, for-profit control of democracy’s capital, poor citizens fight their wars.   Just as in our corporate-controlled economy, our military is essentially a conscription system just as was that of the British empire.  No jobs are to be found for millions because of the denial of their economic rights so the military often provides the only method of learning a skill or trade valued by the corporate state.  It’s the same reason people line up around the block to apply for slave labor jobs at Wal-mart.  Because democracy doesn’t own its capital.  It’s owned by private, for-profit capitalism. 

    We are slaves.  Slaves to the corporate state.  And we will be until democracy, not capitalism, controls & owns its money, its banking and its vast capital resources.  We must have a public banking and monetary system controlled by We The People. 

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