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Beppe Grillo - Democratic Money Is Fiat Money And Debt Is Nothing More Than A Myth Used To Enslave And Impoverish Us To Elites And Criminals

A friend sent me this video this morning. I guess it has become highly popular on the web so I might as well be part of the crowd.  Ha.  I just watched it and would highly recommend it to everyone.  It will awaken many minds to a greater truth.  Grillo is the first person with a mainstream audience to deliver a message that is consistent with that which has been delivered on here ad nauseam over the last eight years.    That is no coincidence.   Truth is obvious and universal when one releases false perceptions of reality and the self-imposed lies we tell ourselves.    Lies always put there by those wishing to control or instill fear in us.

Notice how Grillo’s message is diametrically-opposed to Ron Paul’s message.  And as I noted on here numerous times, as much as I appreciated Paul’s honesty about Washington corruption, he didn’t know what he was talking about regarding banking, money and economics.  

Paul’s message was that America was broke and that we should return to gold money and the free market.   Frankly, that is bullshit.   This is the free market.  We are in it right now.  This is what happened when Reagan and Clinton deregulated capital(ism).    Free market, private, for-profit capitalist fundamentalism creates massive corruption and cronyism.   History is replete with this greater truth.   This system is finished.  That’s for certain.  But neither are we broke nor should we ever return to gold money or free market fundamentalism.  Or listen to politicians who are generally nothing more than ignorant about democratic money, democratic banking or democratic economics.  For all of his redeeming qualities, Paul was no exception.

I hear these histrionics every day. America is broke. Health care is going to eat us alive. We can’t afford Social Security. Blah, blah, blah. This system is screwed.  And so are its institutions of control.  It might be very painful getting from point A to point B.  Maybe even devastating for many.   But we certainly are not broke.  Not even close.   Those who define money and debt as the metrics used to define wealth are wildly ignorant.  They have succumbed to the lies others tell them.   This system of control is broke both morally and monetarily.  But, that’s a very good thing.  Because that means crisis is dead ahead.  And that means shattered belief systems, their false perceptions of reality and the endless rationalizations that are produced as a result of those lies of the mind are just around the proverbial corner. 

So, let’s summarize what Grillo said in his video that has also been discussed ad nauseam on here (Watch the video!) :

-Gold is the looter’s money and the money of elites.  Its value is derived through scarcity and artificial control.  And since you don’t have any of it, if you want it, you are going to have to work for whatever terms your masters define you should work to get a small piece of it.   That keeps you always “hungry” to do the bidding and work of your masters.  It also keeps you busy doing menial tasks that keep you ignorant, enslaved and oftentimes poor.

-Gold mining creates massive and often permanent ecological damage.   The concept that we have to dig a hole in the ground to find our money, as Ron Paul and other gold worshippers believe, is absof*ckinglutely preposterous.  By the way, in the world of fiat commodity money, gold has no value as currency.  That means its only value is derived through industrial and consumer demand.  If democracy wins this battle we are witnessing around the world today, gold will no longer be convertible as money.  It will essentially be worthless as it should be. 

-Money is owned by democracy and not private banks or a public-private partnership of unelected bureaucrats at a central bank.  If money is owned by democracy, then why do private, for-profit banks lend it to us?  Remember when all of those people in the financial community were hyperventilating that the FDIC was going to run out of funding for deposit insurance? Countless people in the financial community wrote these detailed analyses on how this could create a huge crisis. On here, I said you just print the money if banks fail and take depositor’s money. You print all of it. Not some artificial FDIC insurance limit.  You protect democracy because it is our money.

    -Democratic money is fiat commodity money. It is liberally and abundantly available to all of democracy and all of its citizens.   Unlike gold, whose value is derived by force, scarcity and peonage, democratic money’s value is derived by distributing it freely to every citizen.   In a free society, money is not wealth.  It is simply a form of exchange that enables human expression, science, art, literature and other manifestations of our divinity that are the foundations for our society’s wealth.   Grillo made a point here that is very important.  When there is too much money, the government collects the excess and burns it.   It’s commodity.  It’s in itself useless paper that simply enables exchange and sharing of our true wealth.

    -Central banks are public-private partnerships that use the state to loot democracy.  And, that private, for-profit capital as the only source of investment has no place in democracy.  Nor does the ability of private, for-profit capital to decide what our money is spent on have any merit.   That not only means banks should have no say in what our government spends its money on but it should not be deciding what businesses or investments are made in our society.   The massive debt we have today is because of two reasons.  One, because capitalism has denied us a living wage and thus has enslaved us into debt peonage and two, because looters, including banks, have used the comingling of private, for-profit capital and central banks to loot and steal our democracy and enslave us.

    -Grillo says if we owe debt to ourselves, then poof, I say all is forgotten and forgiven.   That message has been consistent on here.  Debt is nothing more than a myth.  An illusion.  A form of control.   You buy your house and then your private, for-profit bank lends it back to you with 30 years worth of usury to enrich private interests?  Now, there are people who don’t understand either debt or money who will tell you the U.S. owes money to China and Japan and other “foreign” entities.  That is patently false as noted on here before.  All U.S. debt is denominated in dollars.   All U.S. debt is owed to ourselves.  To American citizens.  Every single nickel of it.  Ditto with Japan whose entire debt is denominated in yen.  All of their debt is owed to their own citizens.  In the case of many other nations, such as Italy, who have given up their monetary sovereignty because of political and corporate capitalist corruption, they owe it to some illegitimate authority like Germany and they should default on it.   That debt is looter’s debt.  It was never used by democracy or used to enrich We The People.  It was used to loot democracy in countless countries around the globe.

    -We are witnessing a great awakening.   A global enlightenment.  Another long term thesis on here.  That awakening will eventually lead to the collapse of the status quo when it reaches critical mass.

  • F*ck Off!  The Age of Enlightenment continues.
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