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Is The Ketogenic Diet A Cure For Cancer And Who Knows What Else?

I have followed substantially what is considered to be the paleo diet for most of my adult life.  The paleo diet is a ketogenic diet.  Although I eat substantially more raw and fermented foods than is probably associated with this type of diet.  And I probably eat less muscle meat and more fat, organ meat and gelatinous animal parts than what most people on this type of routine eat.   Well, and I cheat on the diet when I feel like it because I’m not neurotic.   And, I’m probably not neurotic in large part because of my diet.  Our bodies have trouble breaking down cellulose unlike many other animals such as ruminants.  So, fermentation, which is essentially controlled rotting, helps to break down the cellulose in raw foods that locks up the nutrients and makes assimilation easier.   And it has the side benefit of keeping our gut fauna healthy.  In other words, raw has its place but is not in itself the end all as some believe.  By the way, mildly cooking also helps break down cellulose found in plant matter but overcooking may destroy enzymes.  

I toyed with vegetarianism when I was right out of school.  But that didn’t last long.  And for good reason.  It’s extremely misguided and driven by ego-motive more than any science or basis in facts we understand about the human ecosystem.   In fact, there is ample and generally uncontested knowledge that our brain was only able to develop so rapidly because humans ate copious amounts of meat and animal fat.  Oftentimes our ancestors lived on little more than meat and animal fat.  By the way, modern anthropology has studied this heavy animal diet and even today, meat-eating cultures are incredibly void of modern society’s endless health maladies.  More on some other time.  

It has been well established in the scientific research community for some time that at a large number of cancers are caused by or associated with different types of viruses.  I wrote last year that I would post a follow up discussing this topic.  I still plan to but who knows when. 

Unfortunately, this link between viruses and cancer has been slow to make it into the mainstream media or into institutionalized medicine’s treatments.   I doubt most doctors even are aware of this fact.  I say that because doctors continue to use radiation treatment, as an example, which likely causes the cancer-causing viruses to mutate and become harder to kill.  I say that because UCLA just published a research paper some months ago pointing to radiation making cancer resistant to treatment and we are starting to read everywhere where research scientists around the world are starting to understand radiation therapy simply makes the cancer harder to kill.   A plausible cause of this is viral mutation.  We clearly know certain wavelengths of energy cause cell mutation.  In fact, as noted on here before, there is evidence this cellular mutation and pathogen mutation caused by high energy sources of the universe impacting life have played a role, maybe even a dominant one, in the evolution of life on earth.

Eventually, I suspect scientists will isolate a pathogen for all types of cancer and who knows what else.  Possibly even addictions, schizophrenia, etc. as some research is now starting to point to some level of involvement.   The amount of institutionalized medical “science” today that is based on complete nonsense is almost unbelievable.  But Obama is forcing us into this system and its many contradictions and fallacies.  Thus perpetuating much of the institutionalized ignorance of mainstream medicine.

Viruses need food to grow.   As it relates to cancer, there is ample evidence that food is carbohydrates - sugar, wheat, grains, crackers, soda, bread, etc.  that are so rampant in our industrial food culture.  I suspect this extends well beyond cancer-associated viruses to that of other viruses such as the Epstein Barr virus, the various forms of the herpes virus, the HIV virus and on and on.   

It's amazing how our belief systems regarding food, diet and health have been developed based on what is essentially medical establishment propaganda over the years to believe naturally-raised meat, butter, dairy and natural fats are bad for us.   This propaganda is driven by junk science, self-interest, profit, greed, capitalist corporate control and on and on and on.  That also includes a fanatical element of lunatics who believe eating meat is some sort of crime or sin.  (There is ample evidence that corn oil, vegetable oil, canola oil, margarine, shortening, etc  are probably not healthy fats.  Neither are meats or dairy likely healthy when raised on grains or pumped full of antibiotics or hormones.  I’m sand bagging my remarks here – probably?  Do your own diligence.)  

There have been numerous analyses that show industrial meat raised on a heavy antibiotic, hormone and genetically-modified grain diet changes the physical composition of animal tissue and the fat profile of dairy products/animal-tissue-fat from brain and heart sustaining omega-3 to brain and heart unhealthy (in high doses) omega-6 that is possibly linked to numerous illnesses including heart attacks, autoimmune diseases, artery blockage, etc. So, all meat or dairy may not be healthy.  Although our body most certainly uses omega-6 fats as well.  I suspect it’s a quantity and ratio issue rather than an absolute statement. 

Only naturally-raised meat and dairy where animals are allowed to live and eat as nature intended them are guaranteed to be healthy in my estimation.  My observations are that the industrial food monopoly is force-feeding animals the same sick diet that we are being force-fed.   And through biomagnification, we run the risk of assimilating the sickened state of the foods we are eating. 

As I have noted on here before, the institutionalized medical bureaucracy’s junk science and ignorance is heavily complicit in the systemic sickness pervasive to modern corporate state society.  This junk science provides a positive feedback loop that ensures a constant demand for medical services as junk medical science makes us sicker and sicker.  The institutionalized medical bureaucracy most certainly is not doing this as part of any conspiracy, it’s simply what happens whenever any form of science becomes institutionalized and then taught as fact in educational curriculum.  Especially, when much of that science is based on profit motive.  Education to these notions simply makes us stupid. 

Sugar, wheat and carbohydrates that are so pervasive in the modern diet are plausibly the basis for inflammation that lowers our immune systems, makes us sick and plays a major role in autoimmune diseases.  Or, substantially contributes to this issue.   At least in the quantities and with the artificial ingredients that are being forced upon us by the industrial food monopoly.  And, the chemicals/carbohydrates and methods of raising modern meat are probably lowering our immune system so that cancer and other autoimmune illnesses are able to invade the human ecosystem.   There are ample real world examples and research that points us in this direction.  Not always clear cut conclusions but a substantial amount of evidence to consider. 

All of those decades the supposed experts told us meat and animal fat were bad for us may have made untold millions upon millions upon millions of people sick and created an epidemic of cancer, depression, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, obesity, mental illness and untold other sickness in modern society.  Given half of all Americans are obese or worse, and that we consume 90% of the world’s medications, that means the recommendations of modern medicine and the industrial food monopoly may be responsible for the sickness of half of our population and how many unnecessary serious illnesses around the world as the pathology of corporatized industrial food and corporatized junk medical science spreads beyond our borders. 

Here is what we do know.  Nature knows best.  How do we know this?  It has proven over billions of years what does and doesn’t work.  Medical science often makes ludicrous conclusions based on distorted statistical studies that are neither controlled nor science.  Those studies are often a few years or a decade and clearly are not accurate or properly controlled nor do they stand up to billions of years of data nature provides.  Statistics is not science, by the way.   What it is is the most misused basis for damned lies imaginable.   In the right hands, statistics can provide useful data but it is almost never in the right hands.  Especially when it comes to manipulated medical studies.  Tons of exposure has been done on the manipulation of medical research using the absurdity of statistics.

The human mind and body have everything they need to cure and heal themselves of any illness when they are given the fuel and nutrients nature intended them to have.  That is fresh, naturally-grown fruits, vegetables, meats, fats, etc.  We simply know almost nothing of how the human ecosystem heals itself so instead we pump it full of toxic food, toxic chemicals, toxic antibiotics, toxic hormones, toxic pesticides & herbicides, toxic pills and toxic medical treatments that oftentimes make us sicker.  That is why America is the sickest, most overweight, most medicated, most emotionally-unwell nation on earth.   The medical and industrial food systems are failing right before our eyes.   We see the evidence of their failures.  It is us.

Here’s what we do know.  Ketogenic diets have been associated with cancer cures and reducing tumor sizes, reducing seizures with epileptics, treating and even curing type 2 diabetes, treating and possibly even curing type 1 diabetes (autoimmune disorder), treating herpes and shingles to the point of reducing outbreaks to near zero, treating and even curing some forms of arthritis (autoimmune disorder) and who knows what else.  Obviously, do your own diligence.   Some degree of a ketogenic diet appears consistent with the body being able to defend itself from a multitude of pathogens and in the process contributes to keeping our human ecosystem more resilient.  

You may be asking yourself how something so patently obvious could have been ignored by institutionalized mainstream medicine.  How nothing more than a diet could possibly cure cancer and help regulate so many other common maladies.  The answer is really not a complicated one.  In a corporate capitalist society, the primary intent is self-interest or control.  And that means truth and discovery are continuously subverted.  It’s really no different than any of the other unbelievable truths  of the corporate state that are so incredibly obvious. 

One thing is for certain, until institutionalized medicine wakes up, I personally will not be listening to my doctor.  That is, unless my doctor is also rejecting institutionalized medical junk science and the corporate state’s dietary recommendations. 

Dr. Mercola’s recent article and video on cancer and ketogenic diets. 

An excellent article and video a few months old that was authored by a cancer survivor and highlights substantiated research and many links to educational materials.

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