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How The Government Could Pay People To Eat Twinkies And Watch Cartoons While Saving Us $1 Trillion In The Process

Almost no large businesses today would exist without the force of the state.  On some level I would say all of them fall far short of serving democracy in varying degrees.  And in many ways that aren’t quite obvious, almost all major companies are looters of democracy that rely on the game being rigged in their favor by political idiots.  There are a few exceptions but not many.   One exception is not Lockheed Martin.  This is one of the thousands upon thousands of security, military, consultancy, logistics and think tank organizations that comprises the military-industrial complex and police state that are literally sucking America dry for their own insatiable greed and power.

The Soviet States of Amerika or the United Soviet States of Amerika or maybe just Soviet Amerika and their central planners produce, overproduce and overproduce some more as it pertains to the military-industrial complex.   We centrally-plan, procure and produce so many weapons of death, bombs, guns, systems for spying and on and on that we shrink wrap and mothball modern systems and create massive ghost cities with them.   Then we build more ghost cities to house their overproduced parts depots.  Then we produce some more.  And then some more.  Then we start all over again and produce some more.   

As noted numerous times on here, the start of this nonsense was the 1947 National Security Act.  It essentially created a full-time, for-profit war machine and institutionalized a political foreign policy of force through the creation of the Defense Department, the National Security Council and the CIA.  The United States has been involved in endless conflict every since.  By the way, for those who are still caught in this false left-right meme, this was the result of policy by a Democratic president who also started the Cold War and its endless costs to our society.   And, it was two Republican presidents who sought to end the Cold War; Nixon and Reagan.  Truman also is the only person to ever authorize the use of nuclear weapons.  Not once but twice.  And while Truman stated that we were not going to turn the U.S. into a right-wing totalitarian government to deal with a left-wing totalitarian threat, that is exactly what his policies did.  We are fascist, right-wing totalitarian state whose corporate masters collude in secrecy with politicians and military leaders to centrally-plan our economic, social and political fate.   There’s ample evidence Truman was an idiot.  And we clearly know Truman was ignorant to history and ignorant to the deleterious effects of his ignorance.  In other words, ignorance truly is bliss.  Our founding fathers told us that the threats to our freedom would come from within but under the guise of a foreign enemy.  In other words, in the video above Truman was ignorantly mouthing exactly what our founding fathers told us to fear.  The Truman Doctrine and all of his incredibly incompetent management of this country send us down a path of a self-fulfilling prophecy that is now manifesting itself everywhere. 

Anyway, there are many analyses that show we spend in excess of $1 trillion annually on this nonsense.    Which is also far more than the rest of the world combined.  Far and away this is the biggest corporate welfare system the world has ever seen.  Far, far, far and away greater than anything in the Soviet Union.   Well, of course, in many ways we are the Soviet Union.  This extends well beyond the police state.  It’s all of the corporate socialism created by corporate fascism.   This is why our social and economic systems are collapsing.  

So, ProPublica has an updated comedy of errors that is Lockheed Martin’s F-35 corporate welfare program.   $1.5 trillion to develop and maintain this program for the next 55 years is a swag someone made at some point as to the cost of this program.  Certainly, like all other estimates for corporate welfare that are always proven to be low-balled, this number is most likely double that amount.  Or, thereabouts.  Fingers in the wind provide as accurate of an assessment as the bean counters running this type of scam on the American people. 

So, Lockheed tells us 133,000 Americans are involved in this program.  I highly doubt that number as a little bit of propaganda.  133,000 people may touch this program at various points in time, a number I would still doubt, but they certainly aren’t going to be with the program for 55 years.  But let’s stick with Lockheed’s new-math number. 

We could pay all 133,000 of those people a salary of $50,000 annually for a period of 55 years.  And, we could give them each a $5,000 voucher for corporate-state ObamaCare.  In the process, we would cut our spending by 90% by cancelling this program.  All of it.  Now.  Forever.  Period.  Finito.   Now, they wouldn’t get cost of living increases but then if we cut this program and other corporate welfare, inflation might actually implode.  So, cost of living increases might not be necessary.

And what could we pay all of these people to do?  Well, we could pay them to sit at home, watch cartoons and eat Twinkies.  And we’d still save 90%.   Not only that, but it wouldn’t impact society one iota.   That is, unless we were to experience World War III.  And, I would put forth the hypothesis that the chances are much greater we wouldn’t have World War III if people were eating Twinkies and watching cartoons rather than overproducing weapons of death, murder and war.  Funny how that works, eh?

Our country is run by f*cking idiots and looters.  

Political parties (registered corporations that are fascist by their very nature of the intermingling of corporations and politics) need to go as many of our founding fathers believed. Freedom of association in public service allows a free exchange of unique, well-thought out ideas rather than regurgitated political party pablum puke.  It also forces each politician to be personally responsible for his and her deeds and allows those with the most cogent ideas to rise to the top of the election process.  Public servants are then required to prove their merit rather than be the hand-picked stooge by the national political party that then receives what are essentially unlimited funds and organizational resources to defeat meritorious candidates that cannot stand against the onslaught of party propaganda and party money.

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