Friday, March 22, 2013

Superbugs Found In Industrially-Produced Meat

I received the italicized remarks below in an email yesterday from Environmental Working Group and wanted to share them.  The statistics are so outrageous that I don’t know what is accurate without doing any diligence but some numbers show 70% of antibiotics sold in this nation go into animal feed.   Do you know what you would look like if you were fed antibiotics every single day in your food?  You’d be huge not to mention how sick you would probably be.  Which, frankly is more than likely a major driver in America’s obesity and sickness epidemic –> overuse of antibiotics in both humans and the animals we eat.  We still don’t know all of the unintended consequences of this type of junk science used in industrial meat production.

Did you know that studies show that organic meats have fewer superbugs - dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria?  One reason - the animals were not fed unnecessary antibiotics.

This is one of the early findings in Environmental Working Group's upcoming research on meat and antibiotics. That raises the question: which animals are fed antibiotics and what does that mean for the food that ends up on our plates?

We launched this project because superbugs are on the rise and scientists are finding them in our meat.

We know you care about what is lurking in your food. You count on EWG for critical information about pesticides and genetically engineered foods. EWG wants to make sure you have the information you need to reduce your family's exposure to superbugs. But first, we need your help to finish our work.

Livestock producers are feeding healthy animals unnecessary antibiotics - and, as an unintended side-effect, breeding bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This practice undermines the effectiveness of lifesaving medications.  (And who knows what other unintended consequences.  There seems to be possible links, if not outright causational factors in many illnesses such as cancer that may be tied to overuse of antibiotics.  My remark.)

Tests have found increasing numbers of antibiotic-resistant strains of common bacteria like salmonella and E. coli on popular meats like chicken, ground turkey and more.

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