Friday, May 31, 2013

White House Invites Chinese Communist Thugs To Participate In U.S. Military Exercises

I’m not going to tell readers what to think or how to interpret this article but there are many factors in play.  I would encourage you to read this and form your own views.   But I have written extensively about many topics as it pertains to this article and want to make a few remarks taken from themes in those countless posts.  

  1. Democrats have done more to sell out this nation, and more importantly, human freedom and democracy, than any Republican.  Although they both are clearly complicit.  It’s rather ludicrous to try to define the various levels of complicity and involvement.  Selling out is selling out.  But Clinton and Gore are the godfathers of globalization.  They deregulated the national borders of private, for-profit capital.  The current White House is being fingered in this op-ed for what most certainly can be argued as poor decision-making and a clear lack of sound judgment.   I can only imagine these poor judgment policies are made because of the massive exposure of class-based, American private, for-profit capital in China’s markets.  Just like Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler for the same reasons of class-based, global private, for-profit capital in Nazi Germany.  In other words, appeasement of evil is made on behalf of the profit-motive of our corporate masters and elites who have no problems selling out democracy and human freedom for their love of money.
  2. Class-based, private, for-profit capital is responsible for the rise of China.   Private, for-profit capital has stolen America’s technological leadership and given it to communist thugs.  Politicians enabled this.  Capitalism loves any nation that embraces it as only being subservient to the state. ie, Any state that allows it to run roughshod over humanity and democracy.  Capitalism loved Hitler and loves communist China.  Private, for-profit capital loves any nation that allows it to destroy the environment, destroy human dignity and enslave people for its own benefit.  Capitalism is perfectly psychotic when deregulated as Clinton and Reagan both did.
  3. Class-based, private, for-profit capital has given China the technology that has allowed them to hack our military and commercial enterprises to effectively steal all of our advanced technology secrets.
  4. Class-based, private , for-profit capital doesn’t care one iota about human freedom or democracy.   It has become supranational and thus can engage whatever resources wherever necessary to loot, pillage and steal whatever it wants.  ie, The state has become subservient to private capital.   That dynamic, enabled by Bill Clinton and Al Gore and pushed heavily by Obama is going to massively fail.  The state or democracy will reassert itself just as happened when private, for-profit capital became supranational leading up to World War II.  That doesn’t mean war is a guaranteed outcome but as noted many times, we are likely in a war cycle.
  5. Class-based, private capital or capitalism is consistently the primary driver for global armed conflict.  Many dynamics lead to this outcome including the use of state force to align domination of foreign economic markets, domination of economic resources and arming & enriching thugs, dictators, communists and fascists in the name of private, for-profit capital. 

We need truly public capital and public money.  Not the faux public capital markets we have today.  We need democratic banking and democratic money that has a primary intent of human development and democracy.  Not class-based profit.

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