Friday, June 07, 2013

The Corporate State’s “Big Data” Drive For Big Profits Is Turning Government Into Big Brother

Last year I mocked this new swill being sold by major IT & consulting companies called “big data”.   Now AP is running a story that shares that perspective.  Because big data translates directly into loss of privacy in the Godless corporate state.  Corporations and the state must have our constitutional privacy rights destroyed to implement the covert violence that is big data.  It should be of no surprise that corporations are working hand-in-hand enabling the state in destroying those constitutional rights. 

The big data view of the future being pumped by IT providers a self-serving view of the world that private, for-profit capital wishes to create.  Actually, needs to create to drive greater profits. 

Let’s get something straight.  No corporate or government bureaucrat is going to predict the future using big data.   Big data is based on one thing.  Control.  Or the illusion of it.  Corporations and governments intruding into every aspect of our existence to create an illusory reality by controlling as much of the world as possible.  Essentially of contriving a reality they wish to create through the illusion of control.  Big data is big baloney.  It is a form of covert violence against freedom. 

Big data is built on a premise that omniscient bureaucrats at big corporations and big government will autocratically disseminate their edicts from on high to create an dystopian future they control.   That is, the Godless corporate state.  This as opposed to the uncontrived interactions and spontaneity, or chaos, that freedom creates.  That the universe’s natural laws are based upon.  Hierarchical, bloated, autocratic institutions are an anathema to natural laws and natural rights.  The type of perceived control big data wishes to autocratically force onto the global ecosystem cannot and will not succeed.   It is inconsistent with nature’s laws.

No corporate bureaucrat or political toadie is going to predict and control the future.  In this world of chaos and volatility we are experiencing today, that certainly should be self-evident.   A long term thesis on here is that this cycle could be termed the end of big.  Omniscient data-driven bureaucrats at big corporations and big government (dead wood) autocratically disseminating their edicts from castles to create a dystopian future of control is actually failing as I type this.   Giving them greater control through more data will do nothing more than increase our level of misery.   The Soviet Union was based on big data.  A police state spies on everyone and collects as much information as it possibly can to maintain control.   The corporate state’s equivalent lenins, stalins, kings, queens, thugs, dicktaters and  feudal lords who are interesting in maintaining their own empires are running out of runway.   We already saw this with the big data that defined Wall Street’s new quantitative finance.  A view that Wall Street bureaucrats would interpret big data created by IT professionals, scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists and the like  that would transform their business into a utopian risk control racket.  Umm, that system has already blown up. 

There are a lot of circle jerks pushed by the IT industry that always needs a new game to sell to corporate and government clients.  And given these constant machinations are endorsed by IT providers - the big accounting/consulting firms, the software providers, the hardware providers, networking companies, etc, you have a massive corporate bureaucracy that is able to haze clients into an endless line of bullshit whose intent is to simply sell more schtuff.   Big data is just another in the same long line of circle jerks.  

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