Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Coming End Times Of Modern Capitalist Society - Personal Income Falls For The Second Time This Year

In a capitalist economic system, there is only one way for sustainable, wealth-creating national income to grow.  One way.  In a service-based, or what many who have no idea what they are talking about call a post-capitalist economy, there is no way for sustainable, wealth-creating national income to grow.  (I can prove this mathematically and will do so on here if the faux-science or the generally laughable, ivory-towered, academic economics community will submit me for a Nobel Prize or if someone starts a real movement to take back Al Gore and/or Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize.  I’ll give all of the prize’s monetary gifts to Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny and Foghorn Leghorn.  I just want to prove that sitting in your basement blogging in your underwear is more than enough to win a Nobel Prize comparative to the many clowns and their buffoonery who have received them.)  

If you understand what drives true income growth, you can start to gain an appreciation for how large the money bubble in the global economy truly is.  And, that the perceptions of corporate and personal income growth are only achieved in a service-based economy through massive inflation.  And how far corporate profits are going to fall when this central banking Ponzi scheme fails.   That is essentially what has been happening for 30 years; one reason why I have noted that asset prices could fall to 1980-ish levels and that we could see corporations fall like dominos.  ie, Terminal failure of corporate capitalism and  possibly even a terminal failure of money.

This is the third time personal income has fallen since the collapse.  Once in 2011 and twice this year.   With tens of trillions of free money, central bankers still can’t ignite income growth.   The world is run by political, corporate and banking idiots.  Ah, but central banks have enabled the looters to reflate the asset bubble that temporarily gives the perception of bailing out the one percent who own the majority of the world’s assets.  Yet the only way they have been able to do so is by torching currencies and causing rampant poverty in their wake in the form of large food and cost of living increases for those most impoverished by the Godless corporate state.  

The U.S. economy hasn’t grown one iota since the collapse.  It’s all a mirage created through torching global currencies.  That is a provable fact.  So is the fact that this mirage won’t last without structural changes that take power and control away from the one percent, politicians and our corporate masters and return it to the people.   Karma is a bitch. 

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