Sunday, June 16, 2013

Right Out Of Dystopian 1984: Big Sis Denies Existence Of Big Sis

The propaganda machine is in full response.  The toadie bureaucrats of the corporate state are playing out a kafkaesque campaign 0f misinformation of its disinformation.   How do you know a politician is lying?  Their lips are moving. 

Sure, there is no Big Sis.   There is no dystopian corporate police state.  That’s why the Department of Homeland Security is building a $4 billion new headquarters that would make the Gestapo proud while millions of our American citizens rot.  That is why untold millions of corporate state contractors, IT providers, technology companies, construction companies and government workers are getting wildly rich preying on the American taxpayer by building and monitoring massive surveillance systems at thousands upon thousands of locations within our nation’s borders collecting untold amounts of U.S. citizen’s private data.

Would someone tell me how this is any different than the Gestapo or KGB showing up at your front door and forcibly beating your door in, entering your property without due process or probable cause? And then rummaging through your personal information aka your property until they find something to finger you with.   Anyone can be targeted.  Yeah, I can clearly see now that there is no Big Sis.   The God-given or natural right of privacy is under a frontal attack by the state.  The state has no legitimacy in any secret efforts to subvert due process, personal privacy and personal property without probable cause.  Probable cause determined through the rule of law and not illegal state activities and associated secret courts.

Treason, unconstitutional crimes and crimes against humanity are real.   Statist fear of terrorism by Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and other Americans exercising their democratic rights to dissent against statist usurpations of our democratic and constitutional rights has never proven to be real.  Even if it were, does anyone think the state is going to stop what would almost certainly be a very small sect of lunatics when every Tom, Dick and Harry knows the state is spying on them?   

The state exists only to serve itself.   That the state has prosecuted more people for breaches of state secrets in the last five years than all other time in U.S. history combined isn’t a coincidence.   Our self-appointed masters have much to hide. 

Evil always scurries into the darkness.  It cannot exist in the light.  Democracy cannot exist in the darkness.  It can only exist in the light.   We did fine for the last 230 years without Big Sis.  It’s time she retires and we dissolve the Department of Homeland Security. 

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