Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Predatory, Psychotic Private Capital Protected By The Washington Mafia Loots The World

The scams and schemes of the corporate state are endless.  There is literally no viable way to quantify the known and unknown impacts on our society and the world.  When Barack Obama or the stooges at the CIA or NSA try to tell us no one is spying on Americans, that is utter bullshit.  You don’t build a completely secret, Big Brother internal spying apparatus that costs tens of billions of dollars and involves untold tens of thousands of people to just “accidentally” spy on  Americans or other innocent people around the world.  That was the congressional testimony last year.  Accidentally. 

Ditto with what Wall Street acknowledges when they are caught.  It’s always the tip of the iceberg.  Wall Street literally front-runs everything that involves money.  They insert themselves into the monetary supply chain for everything and rip off democracy in the process.  Even things you don’t think about.  Your mortgage.  Can you borrow from the Federal Reserve at zero percent on your mortgage?  Well, if we had a public banking system, you could as noted on here before.  But, you have to pay your cut to the extortion racket.  They rip off our schools, our cities, our states, our national government, our citizens, our children, our schools, our universities, our public institutions and on and on.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  They always have. 

Now Wall Street has finally been fingered in manipulating energy prices just like Enron.   It’s about effing time.  But let me you tell you, it tens of thousands of times worse than Enron.  Literally.  I hammered this issue over and over and over again for the last eight years.   During that time we had countless bloggers and financial industry idiots tell us that was nonsense.  Even the CFTC under Bush did an investigation and said there was no manipulation.  Lies, lies, lies… well, and enough stupidity by people who don’t know what are talking about to allow the rape of society and the world to continue.  It is so easily provable that Wall Street is manipulating all commodities.  For God’s sake, they were floating around tankers of oil owned by Wall Street firms in the 2008 collapse.  JP Morgan controlled half the copper supply at one point.  Ditto with lead, natural gas, gold, platinum and on and on.   If you are a politician and don’t see this, you are too stupid to represent society.  Or, the more obvious answer is you simply turned a blind eye because it was in your self-interest.

And yesterday the New York Times ran a story that the assholes are implicated in once again ripping off our elderly.  Duh.   People everywhere are finally starting to understand the scope and scale of corporate state corruption.  Private, for-profit banks are a state-backed extortion racket that literally rips off everything it touches.   It has always been this way.  Ironically, it is because private, for-profit capital or capitalism is dying that we see it so clearly now.  I’ll explain that statement in depth at some point.  But for now, it’s quite obvious for anyone with an open mind and an intent of discovery and truth that literally every single thing private, for-profit capital or the corporate state touches is eventually turned to rot, filth and evil.  Obama’s answer?  Thousands of pages of legalese bullshit called Dodd-Frank that is meant to provide an employment protection racket for Harvard lawyers like himself and to provide so much red tape that Wall Street can never be challenged by any competition.  How many lawyers would a startup institution need to hire to traverse Dodd-Frank?  An army of them.  We will never go back.   The revolution will not be televised.

In the last thirty years alone, private, for-profit capital in the U.S. has ripped off society so much that we could have purchased shelter and given a home to every American as Thomas Jefferson wanted to do.  We could have done away with the personal income tax and primary residence property tax.  We could have provided healthcare for every American.  We could have provided an education to all American children we could all be proud of.   We could have provided a living wage job for all Americans.  And we would never have EVER had a single child go to bed hungry.   They stole it all. 

Capitalism does not create wealth for democracy.  It takes democracy’s publicly-funded wealth, science and invention and monetizes it for the very few then leaves democracy with the bill.  Class-based capitalism and the Godless corporate state are dying just like socialism and communism, other Godless control mechanisms created by the state. 

The answer is class-less public capital – democratic banking and democratic money.  Or, frankly, the end of money and with it, the beginning of true freedom.

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