Monday, June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden–The U.S. National Security Police State Hacks Everyone Everywhere Just Because They Think They Are Above The Rights Of Man

Well, I embellished his remarks with my own adjectives but the point he made is clear.  The U.S. government shits all over humanity’s rights to privacy and their actions have nothing to do with the boogeyman of terrorism of a few dozen fanatics.   Hacking everyone everywhere is, in fact, is a form of state-based terrorism perpetuated upon the world by the Godless corporate state.   It is a world where men have destroyed law.  We are a nation of men and not laws.  

I’m certainly not surprised by some revelations that Obama is spying on us.  Hell, they have been for years.  For decades.   The state has spied on people since the advent of the state.   That Obama rationalizes it as mildly intrusive or that no one is reading or listening to our correspondences is babble.   They don’t have to.  They built a $5 billion dollar facility in Utah to capture every electronic communication transmitted in our nation and maybe the world so when they want to target someone they don’t like, they can go back to that stored data and listen-read any private correspondences at any time to build a case against anyone they want to target using the million pages of legalese bullshit that defines our injustice system.  If the state wants to target you, they will find some form of legalese bullshit to prosecute you.  More of Obama’s use of our Constitution and the God-given rights of man as toilet paper in the White House commode better known as the Oval Office.

Many people will rationalize the behavior of the state and will support its victimization and violence be it spying, murder, mayhem, war, torture or making Edward Snowden out to be a “criminal” just as they did with Bradley Manning.  Edward Snowden is a hero whose actions were to protect human dignity and human rights.  What exactly is the state doing with all of this spying?  Hmm, killing people?  Manipulating other governments to buy Monsanto seeds?  Stealing secrets?  Waging war?  Torturing people?  Stealing other country’s resources?  Looting the world?  Threatening and intimidating innocent people?  Bribery?   I’m sure they channel the pacifist, love thine enemy Jesus of Nazareth in their group prayer sessions right before they issue their fatwas.  

Edward Snowden said something very profound in his public statements that shows a level of mindfulness that almost never exists.  I’m not going to talk about it today because it’s a topic that requires a lot of typing but I will try to come back to it at some point be that a month or a year. 

The state pays people handsomely to sell their soul to the devil.  Edward was 29 and was making $200,000 a year to spy on anyone and everyone the state told him to.  Even if it was illegal or its victims committed no crime.  Bribery of conscience or morality is how evil flourishes.  Most victims weren’t terrorists.   Big Brother and the corporate state want to crawl up inside of your ass just because they can.  Because it serves their megalomania and narcissistic addiction to power and control.  The state exists to serve itself. 

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